Black Glass Setting Butyl Water Proof Sealing Tapes

Product Details

Butyl Water Proof Sealing Tapes
Butyl tape also known as  damping tape, sound dampening tape, vibration dampening tape and  waterproof sealing tapes, is used to reduce noise, squeaks, rattles, vibration and sealing in the automotive, marine, aerospace, elevator, electronic and construction industries.
Butyl waterproof sealing tape is specially devoleped with exellent performance in waterproof sealing.
The products listed below with our standard specification can be varied from different adhesive, carrier, liner or total thickness. Customized services available upon request.

Product NameAdhesiveCarrierLinerTotal thicknessRemarks
US9200 single sided butyl waterproof sealing tapesBlack butyl adhesive(200µm)PE coated cotton cloth (70 mesh)/500water proof
U9300 double sided butyl waterproof sealing tapesblack butyl adhesive (300µm)cotton cloth  (62 mesh)white paper  (110g/㎡)500water proof