Painters Single Sided Colored Masking Polyethylene PE Film Tapes

Product Details

PE Film Tapes
PE  (polyethylene)  films are the most common plastic, and an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC. Offering flexiblity, conformability, hand-tearable and excellent chemical resistance.
Single sided PE film tape is constructed of a PE film carrier and coated with a layer of modified acrylic adhesive on one side.
Depending on the chemistry, single sided PE film tape are often used for surface protection, identification, safety, bonding, maksing, splicing and more in electrical, medical, and packaging industries.
The products listed below with our standard specification can be varied from different adhesive, carrier, liner or total thickness. Customized services available upon request.

Product NameAdhesiveCarrierTotal thicknessRemarks
S8407 Single Sided Textured PE Film Adhesive Tapesolvent acrylictextured PE film  (110µm)140eco-friendly, hand tearable
S8403B Single Sided Grooved PE film Adhesive TapeSolvent acrylicgrooved PE film (80µm)100no residues, hand tearable