Heavy Duty Double Coated VHB Acrylic Foam Sticky Tapes

Product Details

Acylic Foam Tapes (VHB)
Acrylic foam tape is constructed of solid acrylic foam, covered with release film or release paper. It oftern referred to as VHB foam tapes, its outstanding viscoelastic characteristics and excellent resistance to many environmental elements, such as sunlight, temperature, and water, makes it ideal for long-lasting and extreme outdoor bonding applications.
Acrylic foam tape is easy for die-cutting and easy to stick to chellenging surfaces such as rubber, metal, wood, paper etc.. Under both high and low temperatures, it shows good endurance and excellent adhesion on both high and low surface energy materials. It is also capable of resisting chemical solvents, moisture, and UV.

Product NameAdhesiveColor of FoamDensity of Acrylic FoamLinerTotal ThicknessRemarks
4C14acrylicwhite720red PE film( 120um)2water resistance
4C24acrylicgrey720red PE film( 120um)2water resistance
4B11acrylicwhite800red PE film( 120um)1.2water resistance
4B21acrylicgrey800red PE film( 120um)1.2water resistance
4A60acrylictransparent960red PE film( 120um)1water resistance
4B10Tacrylicwhite800red PE film( 120um)0.8water resistance
4B20Tacrylicgrey800red PE film( 120um)0.8water resistance
4A60T1acrylictransparent960red PE film( 120um)0.5water resistance
4B30T1acrylicblack800red PE film( 120um)0.5water resistance
4B10T2acrylicwhite800red PE film( 120um)0.4water resistance
4B20T2acrylicgrey800red PE film( 120um)0.4water resistance
4B10T4acrylicwhite800red PE film( 120um)0.25water resistance
4B20T4acrylicgrey800red PE film( 120um)0.25water resistance
4B30T5acrylicblack800red PE film( 120um)0.2water resistance