Double Sided PE Foam Tapes

Double Sided PE Foam Tapes
Product Details

Double sided PE Foam tapes are used for a variety of applications including but not limited to: gasketing, bonding, sealing, weatherstripping, acoustical (sound isolation), thermal insulation, and vibration damping. 

Various types of double sided foam tapes are ideal for use in elevator, signage, appliances, automotive applications, electrical/electronics, truck/trailer/RV, point-of-purchase signage, window fabrication, and plastic molder applications. 

Variations in doublel sided PE foam tape properties (density, thickness, adhesive type) allow for a great variety of end uses and applications. Microland is one of the professional manufacture and supplier of double sided PE foam tapes in China. The products listed below with its standard specification that can be varied from different adhesive, carrier, liner or total thickness. Customized services available upon

Product NameAdhesiveColor of FoamDensity of PE FoamLinerTotall ThicknessRemarks
4210Rhot melt synthetic rubberwhite50white paper (100g/㎡)1economic version
4410Rsolvent rubberwhite67brown glassine paper (80g/㎡)1special version
4017solvent acrylicwhite30white paper (110g/㎡)3.3thick version
4214Fsolvent acrylicwhite50light yellow glassine paper (80g/㎡)2thick version
4414Bsolvent acrylicwhite67blue PE film (80µm)2no residues
4612solvent acrylicwhite100light blue paper(120g/㎡)1.5thick & super grade
4610Gsolvent acrylicwhite100brown glassine paper (80g/㎡)1super holding power
solvent acrylicwhite100red PE film (80µm)1super grade
4630solvent acrylicblack100white paper (110g/㎡)1super grade
solvent acrylicblack100green PE film(80µm)1economic  version
4410solvent acrylicwhite67red PE film (80µm)1high grade
4420solvent acrylicgrey67red PE film (80µm)1high grade
4430solvent acrylicblack67red PE film (80µm)1high grade
solvent acrylicwhite67blue PE film(60µm)1economic version
4430Fsolvent acrylicblack67green PE film(60µm)1economic version
solvent acrylicwhite50red PE film (60µm)1middle version
4230solvent acrylicblack50red PE film (60µm)1middle version
4210Bsolvent acrylicwhite50red PE film (80µm)1no residues
solvent acrylicblack50red PE film (80µm)1no residues
4610Tsolvent acrylicwhite100brown glassine paper (80g/㎡)0.8super grade
4630Tsolvent acrylicblack100blue PE film (80µm)0.8super grade
solvent acrylicwhite100red PE film (60µm)0.8no residues
4410Tsolvent acrylicwhite67white paper (110g/㎡)0.8high grade
solvent acrylicblack67green PE film (80µm)0.8high grade
4710T1solvent acrylicwhite125white paper (110g/㎡)0.5super grade
4930T6Gsolvent acrylicblack333brown glassine paper (80g/㎡)0.15thin version
4730T1solvent acrylic black333brown glassine paper (80g/㎡)0.15thin version