Double Sided Self Adhesive EVA Foam Tapes

Double Sided Self Adhesive EVA Foam Tapes
Product Details

EVA Foam Tapes
EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam tape is constructed of EVA foam carrier, coated with modified acrylic adhesive or rubber adhesive , and laminated with siliconized release paper liner or film liner. It is popular for shock absorptions with good insulation against dust, light and sound.
EVA foam tape is also known as heavy-duty tape,  bonding tapes, gasketing tape, sealing tapes, insulating tape, cushioning tape, sound dampening tape, shock resisitant tape, gap filling tapes, mounting tape or padding tape.
EVA foam tape is excellent and suitable for various bonding surfaces: it can be used on steel, glass, rubber, acrylics, ABS, aluminum, vinyl surfaces etc.. It is conformable for irregular surface.

Product NameAdhesiveColor of FoamHardness of EVA FoamLinerTotal ThicknessRemarks
Shore A(mm)
4E4317 double sided EVA foam adhesive tapesolvent acrylicblack70blue PE film (130um)6glazing application

1) Features
● Resistance to heat, water, and corrosion
● Open cell EVA Foam coated on double sides with acrylic adhesive.
● Shock absorption with good insulation against dust, light and sound. 

● Mount lightweight objects on smooth surfaces
● Wall-mount pictures, decorations and paper products
● For sealing gap between window frame and glass to preventing air and water leakage.
● This flexible weather resistant tape is often used for gasketing, insulating and sealing in the electric, appliance, automotive, construction and boat industries

LINER Blue Bisiliconised PE Film (130um)
CARRIER Black EVA foam (Hardness shore A: 70)
ADHESIVE Solvent acrylic

4)Technical data

Test Items



Test Standard




YG J001 modified PSTC 33

Rolling Ball Tack


I :≥18.5 II :≥19


Peel Strength



GB/T 2792-1998

Holding Power



GB/T 4851-1998

Temperature Resistance

+80 - -10

YG J008-2

Test Conditions:23±2℃
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