Double Sided VHB Acrylic Foam Tapes

Double Sided VHB Acrylic Foam Tapes
Product Details

Acrylic foam tapes is often called VHB tape. it is high performance industrial tape provides excellent lifetime holding power and is perfectly suited for both interior and exterior applications.      

VHB acrylic foam tape offers super high bond strength and can replace mechanical fasteners like rivets, screws, spot welds and liquid adhesives to bond a variety of materials such as low energy surface, metals, glass, wood, concrete, plastics and rubber.

VHB tapes are available in white, black, grey and transparent.

ModelAdhesiveColor of FoamDensity of PE FoamLinerTotall ThicknessRemarks
4C14acrylicwhite720white paper (100g/㎡)2water resistance
4C24 acrylicgrey720brown glassine paper (80g/㎡)2water resistance
4B11acrylicwhite800red PE film( 120um)1.2thick version
4B21acrylicgrey800red PE film( 120um)1.2water resistance
4A60acrylictransparent 960red PE film( 120um)1water resistance
4B10Tacrylicwhite800light blue paper(120g/㎡)0.8thick & super grade
4B20T2acrylicgrey800red PE film( 120um)0.8water resistance
4A60T1acrylictransparent800red PE film( 120um)0.5water resistance
4B30T1 acrylicblack800red PE film( 120um)0.5water resistance
4B10T2 acrylicgrey800red PE film( 120um)0.4water resistance
4B10T4acrylicwhite800red PE film( 120um)0.25water resistance
4B20T4acrylicgrey800red PE film( 120um)0.25water resistance
4B30T5acrylicblack800red PE film( 120um)0.2water resistance