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Bad tape what is the difference in using

Nov 11, 2016

We use masking tape is not the purpose of sticky issues, but rather to stick firmly, not separate. Most tape wrapped in impurity-doped jobs after a period of time (between 1 hour and 2O Yu Zhong) there will be fall open, but cannot paste, tape, especially in low temperature environment more apparent under the dry and windy conditions.
Poor quality tape fragile again, duct tape strength is very low, mainly related with the quality of the film. Formal enterprise production of tape paper tube are used density high of paper tube, section no confetti, and tape paper tube of thickness 100 meters following of tape is 3 mm, 100 meters above of is 4-5 mm, and small enterprise for blinded consumption used thick paper tube, usually are is thickness reached 5-7 mm thickness, to in appearance Shang compared big, but rubber thick on is obviously of compared out.
So when choosing a tape be sure to look at the tape of the width and the thickness of the tape, also note that tape because of the poor-quality tape doped with impurities, so winding tape have failed to notice the gap, so the same meter case volume is relatively large, so blinded by consumption.