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Basic tape industry in China

Nov 11, 2016

Current. tape industry of our country already has a size of tape products manufacturer is Pearson VUE. If there are tapes of enterprises above the county level, more than 300 in Beijing.. individual tape producer nearly. force all over the country.
China's current tape (conveyor and transmission belts) there are dozens of varieties. thousands of specifications. According to the survey. at present, the annual production capacity of the conveyor belt conveyor belts rocks about 100 million M1,1999 year the actual production of 5 million m2, v-belt 500 million AM (string structure of 1/6 per cent). In the production of v-belt. Cord knot hook v-belt production Li. cord construction v-belt production capacity to adapt to market demands. Synchronous belts, toothed belt and lease special gears with a production capacity of about 20 million, the actual output of about 5 million ~600 million, annual rubber consumption on tape industry 50,000 AM. annual output is about 2 billion yuan.
1999 was a year of tough tape industry in China. ten industry undergo a severe test. Duct tape marketing is not Dr competition. serious surplus production capacity. for big thousand situation cannot be reversed. Inventories increased cash flow difficulties. exports. the industry overall decline in economic indicators, according to the serpentine stone 4 Member Qiao situation statistics. 1999 profits profits turn into losses from the previous year, the leading economic index declined. Industrial output declined from the previous year of Qing dynasty 10.4%. value of domestic exports fell by 35.48%. gross sum of deposit and accounts receivable net of more than 2 billion yuan, 5.2596 over a year ago, the equivalent of sales revenue of 97%. Throughout 1999 the export volume of only 80 million Yuan.
Tape industry companies mainly dominated by State enterprises. 1999 tape production ranked the top 16 of the manufacturer's total national production of conveyor belt 41.38%.