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Clever use of high temperature tape

Nov 11, 2016

1, glue hair: hair nuisance on the flooring, carpet, can't afford to pinch, and countless, dust does not go, but family members every day there are hundreds of root hair metabolism, how to do? Sticky! Look for a roll of wide tape, used up click cut, use disposable, even the dust of the Earth are gone. Look, do you want to clean, it's as simple as that.
2, replacing tape strapping strapping rope rope? Of course. Especially in rope hard times. Tape is not light used for sealing, can also become ropes up and down several, then reserve a mobile location (remember this location can also tape around a few times, can be dispersed by force, reduce the burden on hand) don't have to worry about load, multiple laps around myself!
3, making rope to carry heavy objects, hand pain? Afraid of bubbling? With duct tape, in the need to carry around a few laps on the backpack, hands free.