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Historical source of packaging adhesive tape

Nov 11, 2016

Packaging adhesive tape category: transparent packaging, adhesive tape, color packaging adhesive tape, printing and packaging adhesive tape three classes.
Packaging adhesive tape history: 1928 Scotch adhesive tapes licha┬Ědelu, United States Minnesota May 30, 1928 in the United Kingdom and the United States claim, drew developed a light, a pressure that is the binder, initially an attempt is not sticky enough, they drew was that: "take this stuff back to you some Scottish boss there, they put some plastic! "(" Scottish "meaning" stingy "but dreary and desolate period, many people this kind of adhesive tape found hundreds of uses, from repairing the coat to protect striking egg it is useful. Packaging adhesive tape truth: why packaging adhesive tape sticky? of course because it is coated with a layer of adhesive on the appearance of nothing! Earliest adhesives derived from animals and plants.
In the year 1900, rubber is the main ingredient of adhesive; and the modern widely used various types of polymer. Adhesives can stick to things, is because their molecules and forming bonds between adjacent molecules, the bond can be tightly bonded molecule all the way.