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Scotch tape

Nov 11, 2016

On May 30, 1928 in United Kingdom and the United States apply drew developed a light, a pressure that is adhesive, and subsequently improved the invention of cellophane tape.
In BOPP tape is based on the original film after coating after surface roughness after Corona-after the glue on the tape into small volume that we use everyday. Duct tape glue acrylic glue, also known as Yamin glue, primarily composed of tincture of fat. Tincture in fat is a macromolecule active material, could influence the temperature of molecular activity. Glue tincture of fat directly affects the use of tape. Normal packing tape tack ≥ 13th (ball), this tape glue thickness of 22 microns, is in line with the standard thickness.
For colored tape is obscured in order to facilitate the marking and use more general beige and khaki. Colored duct tape color is the color of the glue.