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Sealing tape characteristics

Nov 11, 2016

Instantaneous adhesive force--sealing tape that is stuck in prison.
Fixed capacity--even if you only use a small amount of pressure can according to your idea of cementation on the workpiece. Easy on cutting – easy to strip torn off, instead of a belt stretching and pulling.
Control – sealing tape to a controlled way off the Strip, neither too loose nor too tight.
Flexibility-the sealing tape can easily adapt to changes in the shape of the curve.
Thin--sealing tape will not leave edge of thick deposits.
Smoothness – the sealing tape is smooth to the touch, when pressing with the hand won't irritate hands.
Transfers – resistant sealing tape unveiled its addition will not leave adhesive.
Solvent-resistant sealing tape material to prevent solvent penetration.
Resistance to fragmentation – sealing tape segments does not occur.
Anti back-can-sealing tape stretching along the curved surfaces without back off.
Peel – the paint will hold solid sealing tape on the back plate.