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Do Not Ignore The Role Of Tissue Tapes

Aug 04, 2017

Do not ignore the role of Tissue Tapes
      As the saying goes, such as anti-tiger, this sentence is right is right, let us follow the organization of tape wholesale shopkeepers to understand about the organization of Tissue Tapes in the anti-electric shock function.
      In fact, the house is now basically the wires inside the wall, so few people can see the winding insulation tape on the wire, since this is a detailed explanation of what is the insulation tape it, generally this is not very common Of the use of it, mostly some professional electrician.
      His specific role it is as his name is used as insulation, electric shock is a very dangerous thing it is easy to electric shock is the aging point of the line where the broken skin, there is at the interface. This time you have to use insulating tape to isolate leakage protection, to prevent danger.
      And then in the use of time also have to pay attention to some things, although he can be insulated waterproof anti-pressure or something, but in the best time to use a few layers of tape can be more security, and then it is Are generally a one-time, that is, once used after the re-use can not be used again, because once used after his sticky is not good, although it can be insulated, but the viscosity is not easy to leak, so it will become Very dangerous, easy to electric shock.
      Although this thing gives us a lot of convenience, but he is also very dangerous things, we must pay attention to him, protect themselves, protect the family, you and I safe you.
The biggest effect of Tissue Tapes is probably used in some cartons on the packaging, and now is the carton packaging is also basically used to organize the tape, convenient and quick, but not all the Tissue Tapes can be used to seal, he needs to meet Certain condition, what is it? Listen to Tissue Tapes wholesale to your answer.
 Used to seal the organization of the tape first to meet the problem is sticky, first of all to be able to stick enough to line, in fact, the adhesive tape adhesive tape has three main indicators of the composition of its initial viscosity, holding viscosity, and peel strength. The same is also the national standard for the sealing organization of adhesive tape or adhesive products, the provisions of the basic provisions of the three tests.
      In one is used in the food box on the organization of the tape need to be non-toxic which, Tissue Tapes so as not to be eaten by the child poisoning.
   To meet the above two points can be used to do carton packaging Tissue Tapes, of course, this is only the basic requirements of comparison, because different manufacturers have this set of their own standards, not a unified.
  As a very common practical consumables in life, the organization of tape to our lives has brought a lot of convenience, but also help us solve a lot of small problems, such as cracking products, etc., can use it for adhesion, and color The organization of the tape can also play the role of decoration, but practical and practical use, after the traces of the use of a lot of headache, and now the organization of tape manufacturers to teach you a few simple ways to solve the residual traces is not easy to clear the problem.
1. Tissue Tapes You can use the system of essential oils, essential oils are also very common in our lives items, the wind oil fine smear in the traces of the place, called glue marks completely soaked, and so on for about fifteen minutes with a dry cloth can be wiped, if It is not easy to lose on the increase in dosage, extend the soaking time, increase the intensity of wiping;
  2. A method of removing stick marks with a hair dryer Many people know that, in particular, Tissue Tapes the label hair dryer on the cup can play a big role, for the organization of tape traces, with a hair dryer after a while can be wiped with an eraser, or soft Wipes wipe, the use of hair dryer is the premise of being blown objects can not be afraid of hot items, need to have a certain heat resistance;
  3. Remove with white vinegar. Use the method of white vinegar and the use of wind cream almost, with a rag dipped in white vinegar or vinegar covered with plastic marks after the place, so that vinegar can completely penetrate the location of plastic marks, waiting for more than fifteen minutes with a rag can be wiped,