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Effect Of Temperature On Tissue Tapes Use!

Aug 15, 2017

Effect of temperature on Tissue Tapes use!
 Tissue Tapes manufacturers made products in all aspects of a good use of custom Tissue Tapes can also be printed on the text and other technology, the use of such products there is a certain publicity role, better protection of adhesive products, but in the use of When the temperature for the Tissue Tapes is still very large, the following we have to look at in detail.
    The demand for Tissue Tapes with the changes in consumer demand and improve also have a certain requirement, the Tissue Tapes in different environments to show the use of different product characteristics; in the absence of external effects of high temperature conditions, the Tissue Tapes below 7 ° There will be a lot of impact, but his peel strength will be reduced; with the temperature rise, its retention also decreased significantly; when the temperature dropped below 0 °, the Tissue Tapes will appear frozen situation If the vibration, the frozen Tissue Tapes will be separated from the substrate and sticky material.
    It can be seen that we use the Tissue Tapes manufacturers made products when it is best placed in the 0 ° above the environment, so as to better play its performance advantages, more information about the relevant information can call our contact Telephone consultation.
 Tissue Tapes manufacturers made products when the use of its bonding strength is very important, but the high-strength bonding will bring us trouble, that is, the existence of residual glue, and sometimes difficult to clear, here we understand It is the specific way to clear it!
    Alcohol removal of viscose method is one of the more commonly used methods of removal of residual viscose, with a small amount of soft cloth dipped in alcohol, wiping stickers will become soft, you can easily wash off; So that the oil in addition to viscose, with a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of gasoline to wipe, paint products for gasoline can not be used; use of glue is also a good way to remove, and in addition to glue Not very expensive, the use of the effect is still very good.
    Tissue Tapes made manufacturers that the above method to solve your worries, you can rest assured that use,
  Now many businesses use the Tissue Tapes are with a special text, patterns, which makes the business more intimate, but also have a certain publicity effect, which are made Tissue Tapes manufacturers customized according to user needs exclusive products, after the completion of the production , We need to make a simple judgment on its quality, and then sign!
    We can look at its color, usually the appearance of the Tissue Tapes the color of the more white, indicating the less impurities on the Tissue Tapes, so as to ensure the normal adhesive; can also be seen by watching the brightness, bad quality of the Tissue Tapes will be made Dark, the probability of Tissue Tapes fracture is very high; or can smell the taste of the Tissue Tapes, if the taste is very strong, there is a taste of sour, it shows that the retention of this Tissue Tapes is very poor.
    Tissue Tapes manufacturers made of high quality raw materials, superb technology, superb technology produced by the various Tissue Tapes are favored by the majority of users, there is a demand for friends can call our contact telephone consultation, look forward to your visit patrons.
  Tissue Tapes made products in the production of cracks sometimes, which will affect the use of Tissue Tapes effect, the direct discarded some waste, so we need to take some repair method, let's take a closer look at the relevant information.
    It is reported that Tissue Tapes cracks are usually two, one is obvious, the other is invisible. Obviously the Tissue Tapes cracks are easily found, and the length and depth of the Tissue Tapes cracks can be directly observed or measured, while the invisible Tissue Tapes cracks are reported to be complete and the canvas core has broken damage. This Tissue Tapes cracks are often Poor or the use of long Tissue Tapes appear, invisible Tissue Tapes cracks are not easy to identify, carefully observed in order to find the plastic surface concave and small cracks, for this situation can be along the crack length or invisible cracks marked with a belt clip to repair.