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High Temperature Adhesive Tape Adhesive Security Description

Nov 11, 2016

High temperature adhesive tape adhesive security, high temperature adhesive tape adhesive purchase heat tape is the environmental factor that must be considered, solvent based adhesives use a lot of organic solvent, it will not only pollute the environment, damage to human health and may cause a fire, so choose as waterborne or solvent-free adhesive, high temperature adhesive tape adhesive.
Tape requirements for adhesives for different purposes are different. Tape requirements for general storage and during transport have enough adhesive strength. Used in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging tape, in addition to adhesive strength requirements, also called adhesive must be odorless, nontoxic, compliance with health and safety regulations and the requirements of environmental protection. Certain elements such as the promotion of the adhesive agent, plasticizer, antioxidant, etc are likely to transfer to the inner surface of the packing material and contaminated food and must therefore be limited.
Selected according to the specific use of the high temperature adhesive tape, adhesives of various study visits to the patient, such as heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, aging resistance, low temperature resistance, and so on.