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High Temperature Adhesive Tape Can Withstand The High Temperature Causes

Nov 11, 2016

High temperature adhesive tape is mainly used for the electronics industry uses, and high temperature resistance tape temperature usually between 120 to 260 degrees, high temperature adhesive tape is often used in painting, paint and leather processing, coating covered and fixed in electronic components manufacturing, printed circuit boards and high temperature treatment covered. High temperature tape thermal stability, long-term jobs at 200 ℃, can suffer from 260 ℃ high temperature for a short time. High temperature tape tear resistance of soft, strong adhesion, difficult deformation characteristics, suitable for all kinds of profile appearance post maintenance. No glue residue, and cured at high temperatures for a long time to open when the tape without leaving any residue. High temperature tape high mechanical strength, suitable for many uses such as coil wrapped tight strong. Why high temperature tape of high resistance so high?
High temperature capabilities are the decisive factors of high temperature tape: plays a decisive role in the manufacturing process of high temperature adhesive tape base material and the glue of choice is key. High temperature adhesive tape substrates often contain pet; textured paper; membrane of polyimide glass cloth; Teflon fiber Teflon membrane; high temperatures usually tape glue acrylic plastic silicone; silicone. as well as the addition of additives in the production process. These are the main factors in determining high temperature tapes are high temperature resistance.