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High Temperature Tape Characteristics And Terms Of Use

Nov 11, 2016

Heat-resistant adhesive on the tape are aqueous pressure-sensitive adhesive, water viscosity of the glue is more stable, and were less affected by temperature, high temperature adhesive tape with a high resistance to tensile forces, strong adhesion, drug-free, printable characteristics, high temperature adhesive tape suitable for packaging sealing, sealing and strapping and other food uses.

High temperature adhesive tape shall be placed in a warehouse, avoiding the Sun and rain; banned contact with the acid-base oil and organic solvents, be clean and dry, from the discovered devices outside of the 1M, room temperature is between-15 ℃ ~ 40℃. High temperature adhesive tape should be placed in roll, without folding, stored too long should be once every quarter turn.

When using a high temperature tape not to make different varieties of different specifications, intensity, layers of cloth tape connection (distribution group) in use. When found early damage of high temperature tape in use, should be found, repair, avoid the appearance of adverse consequences. High temperature tape cleanliness is fundamental to high temperature tape running in good condition, foreign substances may affect eccentric high temperature tape tension differences, and even rupture.