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How To Buy Packaging Film Tapes

Oct 17, 2017

How to buy packaging Film Tapes
Many people in the purchase of packaging Film Tapes, it is easy to be brought into a misunderstanding, the following by Xiaobian to tell us about how to buy packaging Film Tapes:
1, you can smell the taste, if the taste is very strong, there is a taste of sour, it shows that the retention of this Film Tapes is very poor, especially in low temperature environment, the basic stick in the carton will crack.
2, you can see the brightness of the film, the general poor quality of the Film Tapes is dark.
3, you can also look at the color of the Film Tapes, the general appearance of the more transparent adhesive Film Tapes, the more impurities on the Film Tapes, so that it can guarantee the normal adhesive.
We all know that the Film Tapes can stick hair, sticky dust, is a good helper to clean the home, and now more and more fashionable printing Film Tapes is actually a small expert decoration home.
Film Tapes manufacturers tell us that with the continuous development of the commodity economy, the use of Film Tapes is also a further expansion, whether it is used to modify the band, or the construction industry with the Film Tapes, as well as some other packaging industry. Film Tapes manufacturers told us that, for these reasons, the demand for Film Tapes is also further expanded.
Film Tapes manufacturers also told us that the previous Film Tapes market mainly in the physical store business areas, but now slowly began to tilt the network platform marketing, and various manufacturers began to seek a good network platform to expand their sales channels. Film Tapes manufacturers also told us that with the development of the times, network sales will gradually increase their proportion in the Film Tapes sales.
Transparent Film Tapes because of transparency, good adhesion, easy to carry, easy to split cutting, easy to operate, in life, work can give us a lot of help to solve many difficult, chores, according to years of experience, summed up some of these features:
1, barber hair sticky hair, sticky body of fine plush, dust, are first class.
Travel to the countryside, it is difficult to run into the flowers and plants, plush flowers, such as reed flowers, poplar Xu these things once stick to the body, it is difficult to remove, even if it is not necessarily washed with water, In front of the transparent adhesive Film Tapes, it is easy to be taken away. After the hair after the fine hair, shampoo is good, if the first Film Tapes with a transparent sticky, it will be better, simple and convenient.
2, public security on the extraction of fingerprints.
3, the layout of the exhibition, fixed a few three-dimensional space division, easy, it is convenient.
My family's bathroom plastic frame rotten, with a transparent Film Tapes fixed, with thirteen years, intact.
One year, we do the exhibition, try to use transparent Film Tapes fixed exhibition hall of the three-dimensional space division, that is, dozens of tables, outside with white slogan paper, the paper with a transparent Film Tapes to the table wrapped, want to shape Shaping shape, great!
4, small business vendors selling fruit, sealed with packaging. Can be said, small business hawkers to use the transparent Film Tapes to the extreme.
5, son doing homework, used to stick the wrong word.
6, fixed need to attach to the smooth surface of any light weight of the object. As long as it is not fixed objects too heavy, transparent Film Tapes function too much.
The Film Tapes sealing machine specifies the type and basic parameters of the Film Tapes sealing machine, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and marking, packaging and storage requirements. The BOPP pressure-sensitive adhesive Film Tapes for sealing is used to specify the product classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and marking, packaging, transportation and storage of BOPP pressure-sensitive adhesive Film Tapes for sealing. Applicable to biaxially oriented polypropylene film as the substrate, evenly coated on the substrate side of a layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive Film Tapes. The Film Tapes is mainly used for sealing, capping and strapping items, etc., can also be used as office supplies. The rewetting kraft paper adhesive Film Tapes specifies the technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation and storage of the rewarmed kraft paper Film Tapes.