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How To Carry Out The Maintenance Of Cloth Tapes?

Jul 24, 2017

How to carry out the maintenance of Cloth Tapes?
   Now the application of Cloth Tapes is very wide, we all know? Cloth Tapes when used, the need for maintenance, so as to ensure its efficiency. The following stationery Cloth Tapes manufacturers to introduce the use of Cloth Tapes maintenance methods:
1, Cloth Tapes need to roll into the place, can not be folded, storage time is longer, then need to flip once every quarter, and Cloth Tapes should be stored in the Treasury, to avoid the sun and rain.
2, Cloth Tapes type and specifications according to the need to use a reasonable selection.
3, Cloth Tapes has a good running and cleanliness has a direct relationship, foreign material will affect the fabric tape eccentric, when used in the case if the Cloth Tapes is damaged, the need for a reason to find, and then timely repair The
  We used the Cloth Tapes when it was thanks to its glue, but very often when we peeled Cloth Tapes when the surface has a layer of glue, remove very difficult. Now Cloth Tapes manufacturers with everyone to understand how to simply remove this layer of glue.
     1, first of all we can use a soft cloth dipped in enough alcohol, requiring alcohol concentration of 95%
    2, and then wipe to the adhesive site, so that the adhesive tape adhesive material will be very easy to clean, but also the surface of the object is not damaged.
    3, we can also use the essential oil to remove the glue, you can directly wipe the adhesive layer with the wind oil, you can also use a knife to scratch the Cloth Tapes and then smear.
     Cloth Tapes adhesive layer to be treated as soon as possible, can not wait until after the air treatment, this will increase the difficulty of removing glue.
We tend to use the tape when the tape is often forced to tighten to prevent the cloth after the cloth to fall, but some Cloth Tapes in a very short period of time will become loose, so we need to pay attention to the tape, and often good Cloth Tapes quality is more compact.
         Cloth Tapes in the production process, is the use of the machine to carry out sub-coiling, have a certain tension, the greater the tension, Cloth Tapes will be coiled relatively tight, and Cloth Tapes in accordance with the conventional words, that is, This Cloth Tapes no gap, the degree of glue and air to a small, you can maximize the retention of adhesive tape adhesive, and extend the shelf life of Cloth Tapes. If it is coiling tight Cloth Tapes, in the course of the use of Cloth Tapes winding surface smooth, it is very easy to find openings.
      If it is a low-profile Cloth Tapes, because it contains impurities, so uneven coating, in the coiled into finished products after the time will not be a problem, but the time began to appear slightly gap, which reminds us in the purchase time must pay attention The
 Above is the Cloth Tapes manufacturers to explain to you, if you would like to know more welcome to call our company, we will explain to you more knowledge. welcome.
 The use of Cloth Tapes in our lives can often see, then for some of the daily use of Cloth Tapes we know how much? Today and Cloth Tapes manufacturers together to learn to learn it!
1, select the Cloth Tapes according to the Cloth Tapes specifications, type, use needs and specific conditions to a reasonable selection.
2, in the use of Cloth Tapes, do not make Cloth Tapes creep or snake, to keep the roll, tension to moderate, vertical roller flexibility.
3, should be Cloth Tapes into the Treasury, to avoid rain, sun
4, prohibited with acid and alkali oil organic solvent contact, keep clean and dry.
5, Cloth Tapes should be placed in volume, do not fold, storage time should be repeated for a long time once.