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How To Distinguish Between Rigid Foam Tape And Flexible Foam Tape In Foam Tape Packaging Products

May 24, 2017

Foam Tapes How to distinguish between the foam tape products in the rigid foam tape and soft foam tape Closed-cell foam tape plastic is interconnected between the microporous called open-type foam tape plastic, closed each other. Foam Tape Plastic has both hard and soft types. According to the American Society for Testing and Materials, at a temperature of 18 to 29 ° C in a time of 5 s, around a diameter of 2.5 cm round bar, if not broken, the test sample is a soft foam tape plastic; Foam tape plastic. Foam tape plastic can also be divided into two categories: low foaming and high foaming. Usually the expansion ratio (after the foam is larger than the volume before the foam increase) is less than 5 called low foaming, greater than 5 called high foaming.

  Foam Tapes First, the rigid foam tape plastic that is at room temperature, constitute the foam tape plastic polymer crystalline or amorphous, their glass transition temperature is higher than room temperature, so at room temperature foam plastic plastic texture hard.

  Second, the soft foam tape plastic that is composed of foam tape plastic polymer melting point is less than room temperature or amorphous polymer glass transition temperature lower than room temperature, the material at room temperature soft texture.

  Three, semi-rigid (or semi-soft) foam tape plastic is between the above two types of foam tape body.

  In addition to the above, there are many categories for the classification of foam tape body. For example, according to the processing method classification, can be divided into two-step method, semi-prepolymer method, one-step method and spray method. According to the density of foam tape can be divided into high, medium and low and ultra-low density foam rubber body and the density of great self-crust foam tape body or called the whole skin foam tape body. The latter is a special form of foam tape, it is not like the previous several foam tape body has a uniform density, but in the foam within the body to produce a more foam body, and in the surface part of the bubble does not produce or rarely produce bubbles , A dense skin layer with a much higher density than the inner foam tape is formed on the outer surface of the foam tape, and there is a significant change in the density gradient from the skin to the center of the core. In the polyurethane flexible foam tape body, it is to adapt to the car steering wheel and handrails and bicycles, motorcycle saddle and the development of a semi-rigid foam foam products.

  Foam Tapes With the soft foam tape plastic raw materials, processing technology and the progress of the professional needs of products, the gradual emergence of the product-based classification, such as soft foam, high rebound soft foam, hot molded soft foam , Cold-molded soft foam, ultra-soft foam tape, antistatic soft foam, lipophilic soft foam, hydrophilic soft foam, energy-absorbing soft foam, and so the new classification, these are with the market refinement, professional The need to develop new varieties of foam tape, the development of faster, very complex classification. At present, the classification of soft foam adhesive body is still the processing method, that is, prepolymer method, semi-prepolymer method and one-step method of the traditional classification is appropriate.