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How To Judge The Quality Of Sealing Film Tapes

Aug 15, 2017

How to judge the quality of sealing Film Tapes
    Sealing Film Tapes manufacturers products can be used for a variety of goods sealed fixed, sealed and bundled, etc., the application is very extensive, and very recognized, the market type of Film Tapes so much, how can we buy in which the quality Sealing Film Tapes?
    To determine the quality of sealing Film Tapes, first of all depends on its sticky, you can use Film Tapes to quickly pull the items to see holding force, repeated paste several times and then touch, until the viscosity decreased significantly, good quality sealing Film Tapes sticky than quality Almost no sealing Film Tapes more wear-resistant, more durable sticky; but also depends on whether the Film Tapes surface smooth without wrinkles, under normal circumstances, generally just produced out of the sealing Film Tapes can see the bubble phenomenon, put a week later, The bubble will be basically dispersed, on the contrary, mixed with impurities in the sealing material there are a lot of irregular distribution of the white point, the hand is pressure.
    Sealing Film Tapes manufacturers that the toughness of the Film Tapes is also very important to determine the quality of one of the criteria, the better the toughness of the Film Tapes brittle fracture of the possibility of the smaller, so the quality of high-quality sealing Film Tapes toughness are very good, to better To protect the packaging.
  Sealing Film Tapes manufacturers use the product you are very understanding of the packaging of goods is inseparable from it, the use of Film Tapes, the adhesive strength is that we are very concerned about the problem, and some environmental factors such as the use of its effect will have a certain The impact of temperature is one of them.
Film Tapes in different environments to show the use of different product features; when the temperature down to 0 ° below, the Film Tapes will appear to freeze the situation, this time if the vibration, frozen Film Tapes and the substrate will be sticky material Separation; in the absence of external effects of high temperature conditions, the Film Tapes at 7 ° below the use will not have much impact, but his peel strength will be reduced; with the temperature rise, its retention also decreased significantly.
    Sealing Film Tapes manufacturers that with the consumer demand changes and improve the demand for the Film Tapes there are certain requirements, there is a need for friends to inquire, we provide you with the best quality products and services!
Although the production process and the environment will affect the Film Tapes manufacturers made the product quality, but the material impact on it is the largest and most can not be ignored, we must understand this information, buy more quality, suitable for the original Material for Film Tapes production.
    In the production of Film Tapes, different effects of Film Tapes using raw materials are quite different, in the production of Film Tapes can be added to the Film Tapes of raw materials to improve the Film Tapes slip, and in the preparation of polyethylene film, because of its Easy to thermal decomposition and must join the stabilizer; of course, the Film Tapes must have a reasonable combination of formula, the formula in the Film Tapes raw materials to have a proper ratio, adjust the composition and ratio, can change the performance of the Film Tapes.
    Life in all aspects of the use of different Film Tapes, Film Tapes manufacturers can do to meet your needs, product quality assurance, access to the user's praise, may wish to inquire about the relevant information.
Film Tapes manufacturers made the use of the product is very common in the application of who will need to deal with joints, in order to better use the results, to understand some of the correct way to Film Tapes is clearly necessary, let's take a closer look at the following.
    There are three ways to connect the Film Tapes, the first is the mechanical connection method, its operation is simple, fast can be disassembled, but its drawback is low strength; the second is cold sticky connection, it is characterized by no leakage, noise And the vibration, do not need expensive equipment; its drawback is the low reliability of the connection strength is poor; the third is the thermal bonding method, is the ideal Film Tapes joint method, if the connection quality is high, its joint life will be with the Film Tapes itself The life of almost.
    Film Tapes manufacturers made by the above method of Film Tapes on the joint processing, can better protect its use effect, you want to know more information can call the manufacturers contact telephone consultation, look forward to your visit patrons.