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Perfect Solution To The Film Tapes

Jul 13, 2017

Perfect solution to the Film Tapes

Life, often have a lot of Film Tapes residue, will be how to brush wipe out, how to also hard to shave is clean, can be said to be extremely difficult to remove, so how can perfectly solve the Film Tapes residue? Here's a little tip for the perfect solution to the Film Tapes.

1. Use a new adhesive Film Tapes to stick to the residue and then tear it down so that it can be removed and it's clean and can be repeated several times.

2. Using alcohol, acetone, edible vinegar, and wind oil, the residue of completely soaked Film Tapes can be used to easily and effectively remove the residue of adhesive Film Tapes.

3. Use hair dryer blowing heat, the effect is very good, in the home also is very convenient, each basic have a hair dryer, no matter for stickers glass, plastic, wood, Film Tapes metal can, with ram first hot blow back and forth a few times, a small edge tear again, tear along the direction of the tear slowly while using a ram heat, the effect is very good.

Apply the toothpaste on the remaining surface of the Film Tapes, and rub it off with a soft cloth in five minutes. For the residue of the Film Tapes, you can remove the toothpaste twice.

Now electrical business development faster and faster, often will receive a delivery, now the seller in order to avoid damage, packaging protection is becoming more and more good, often used foam box box, or received express, open accidentally got a chip to bubble? Now teach you to use Film Tapes to recycle small sundries!

The foams scattered on the floor of the home floor, with broom sweep total sweep is not clean, float to float away, very annoying! Now, we cut off a piece of wide Film Tapes; Get the glue on one side near the foam, and you will find that the crumb is automatically glued to the Film Tapes (for static electricity). Once a piece of adhesive Film Tapes is stuck, you can take a new one and use it until you clean up the foam.

We now use the Film Tapes is made of some very good Film Tapes material, now of the electronic product screen saver with protective film or Film Tapes, the Film Tapes it need high transparency, scratch-resistant, prevent damage, to paste the content itself played a very good protection effect.

For example, our cell phone, if it doesn't have a protective Film Tapes, it's pretty easy to get dirty. You can take out your mobile phone and see if it's true, even on the back of the phone we have a phone case, which is also protective. We can often see a small stand on the side of the road, often more than one such booth. As a result, we have a very large demand for the protective Film Tapes. But we must choose good protective film, can better protect your mobile phone your computer, a lot of people buy mobile phones directly when I was in the store the paster, price is several times more expensive than that of stalls, the reason is that the quality is good, get the trust of the customer.

There are also beautiful paper, American grain paper used for capacitor electronics, ribbon packaging; Use with parchment paper; Apply to the edge of paint spraying or other common paint; The electroplated parts used for precision electroplating are not covered by the electroplating part; Spray powder, spray paint, Film Tapes electroplating shielding, circuit board (PCB) processing, electrical product insulation, transformer, coil, etc.