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Perfect To Solve The Film Tapes

Jun 20, 2017

Perfect to solve the Film Tapes
Life, often encountered a lot of Film Tapes, how rub can not erase, how to scratch is also difficult to clean, can be said to be extremely difficult to clear, then how can the perfect solution to the Film Tapes? Below Xiaoxiang Xiaobian and we talk about the perfect solution to the tape residual small coup.

 1. Use the new tape attached to the residue above, and then forced to tear off, so you can get rid of the residue, and very clean, you can repeat several times.

 2. The use of alcohol, acetone, edible vinegar, a series of essential oils, completely wet the Film Tapes, you can use a towel or blade easy and effective easy and effective Film Tapes.

 3. The use of hair dryer hot blowing, this effect is very good at home is also very convenient, each person basically have a hair dryer, both on the sticker glass, plastic, wood, metal can, first with a hairdryer back and forth blowing a few times, then tear Open a small side, along the direction of tearing slowly tearing side with a hot tube hot blowing, the effect is very good.

 4. Apply the toothpaste evenly to the residual surface of the tape and wipe it with a soft cloth after 5 minutes. For the tape more than the residue, you can double the use of toothpaste to remove.

 5. simply buy Haixiang Star tape, tear tape no residue, no trace, safety and environmental protection, no tape traces is the easiest coup. But also can be four seasons common Oh!
Tape it is not a single color, but with a variety of colors, know why this is it? Today let me explain the secret of tape color.

In order to solve the various requirements of the use of the design of different colors of the tape, so according to customer needs, the color of the tape is to be customized, such as the wedding site laying the carpet you need to use the red carpet edge banding tape, As the logo of the tape on the need to use more dazzling colors, the application of the role of warning tape on the need to use yellow and black, red and white like the two-color stripes tape ... ...