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Plating With High Temperature Tape Safe

Nov 11, 2016

Plating with high temperature tape refers to plating to shield protection protection in the paper, in order to select the right plating with high temperature adhesive tape, you must understand the electroplating process:
Electroplating is the use of the so-called principle of electrolysis on some metal surfaces coated with a thin layer of another metal or alloy in the process. Plating in acidic solution on high temperature tape adhesive good metal components by ultrasonic cleaning and why, therefore the material of high temperature adhesive tape, high temperature adhesive tape glue is very strict, or lead plating Peel high temperature tape residue left after the end or plating area increase;
Plating with high temperature tape quality, stability and electroplated with high temperature tape Strip without leaving residue, many electroplating masking protection accessories one of the preferred temperature tape.