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Reasonable Use Of Film Tapes

Sep 06, 2017

Reasonable use of Film Tapes
    The invention and use of Film Tapes has brought great convenience to our life. With the increase of market demand in the past two years, the Film Tapes manufacturers have continuously improved the production process, improved the production efficiency, followed the market supply and the requirements of the times. But the Film Tapes from the storage to use all need to follow a certain rules to get the best use of the results, then together to understand the next.
1, Film Tapes should be deposited into the Treasury, to avoid the sun, rain; prohibited with acid and alkali oil organic solvent contact, keep clean and dry, from the discovery device 1m outside the room temperature between -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.
2, the Film Tapes should be placed in volume, not folded, storage time should be repeated for a long time once.
3, loading and unloading conveyor belt is best to use the crane, and with a rigging rope with a smooth lifting, to avoid damage with the edge, not arrogant loading and unloading, causing loose roll sets.
4, the type of Film Tapes, specifications should be based on the use of specific conditions and reasonable selection.
5, not to different varieties, different specifications models, strength, cloth number of Film Tapes connection (with group) together to use.
6, the conveyor belt is best to use hot vulcanized adhesive, in order to improve reliability, maintain a high effective strength.
7, cleanliness is the basic conditions for good operation of the Film Tapes, foreign matter will affect the belt eccentric, tension differences, and even broken.
8, the use of Film Tapes found early damage phenomenon, should promptly find the reasons, repair, to avoid the emergence of adverse consequences.
Film Tapes manufacturers produce a wide variety of Film Tapes, for our work and life has brought great convenience. Anti-slip Film Tapes is one of them. Anti-slip Film Tapes is a more common type of Film Tapes wholesale, it is mainly made of hard and durable carbonized silicon particles, then we come together to understand this Film Tapes.
    Non-slip Film Tapes material and thickness of different materials, the strength and wear resistance of the product is different. It is the surface of sand for the selection of black corundum, silicon carbide, glass sand, quartz sand, rubber and non-slip fiber, sand-free materials and special non-slip materials; primer is a strong type of adhesive; and the end of paper: white, Environmental protection silicone paper.
  In the use of anti-skid Film Tapes, it has a pressure-sensitive and strong adhesion, can quickly bond, can be well attached to many difficult to attach the surface.
  Film Tapes manufacturers produce Film Tapes products in our daily life is very common. In recent years the market of various types of Film Tapes products is endless, of course, there will be individual bad business in order to seek the interests of the current quality of the Film Tapes in the big fuss, so many consumers to buy the Film Tapes is not ideal and regret it. So how can we avoid falling into the trap of the manufacturers, here we understand several aspects of the method to identify the quality of Film Tapes.
One, no smell
    First of all, a good Film Tapes it is certainly not too tasty, because if it is so stinky, it proves that its glue has deteriorated, then it is easy to stick to the Film Tapes. The Although it looks very sticky, it will soon lose its stickiness.
Second, seeing is believing
    Use the eyes to see the first you can look at the surface of it will not be more translucent, bad Film Tapes it certainly will not be too bright color. This is because some Film Tapes manufacturers he used the raw materials are some relatively poor quality of raw materials, you can also look at the thickness of his paper tube, because there are some Film Tapes manufacturers in order to make people feel that this Film Tapes is relatively large, so often With some very large paper tube to deceive customers.
Third, look tight between the Film Tapes tight
    A good Film Tapes used by the machine is certainly better, so his Film Tapes and Film Tapes is certainly closer, this way can be a good guarantee of its viscosity. So if your Film Tapes is too loose between each layer, then it is certainly relatively poor.