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Teach You How To Distinguish Between High Temperature Tape

Nov 11, 2016

High temperature adhesive tape, namely hot work environments using adhesive tape. Mainly used in the electronics industry uses high temperature adhesive tape heat resistance performance usually between 120 to 260 degrees, high temperature adhesive tape is often used in painting, paint and leather processing, paint masking process fixed, printed circuit boards and electronic components and high temperature treatment mask. High temperature adhesive tape, including high temperature KAPTON tape high temperature Teflon tape high temperature masking tape; PET green high temperature tape high temperature double sided tape, and so on.

True high temperature tape of recognition: high temperature tape main has 2 big part composition, base material and glue 2 most, part manufacturers for reduced cost, is for reduced price and take of a approach, its real of quality greatly discount; to KAPTON high temperature tape for cases, fake of regardless of is resistance temperature performance also is insulation performance are far below real of poly n Asia amine tape, it actual used of base material is Brown of PET film, coated cloth silicone and into of, due to some industry actual application of temperature not need too high, Not more than 260 degrees, the PET's maximum temperature is 220 °, so the General case is not easy to find or, worse, using silicone glue and use other glue, not temperature resistance up to 150°.

High temperature tape identify mainly from the following points: 1., 2. appearance; 3. residue after ignition and combustion 4. actual high temperature test, high temperature of 260 °, checking for residue, the shrinking phenomenon.