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The Application Of Aluminum Foil Advertising Tapes In Life

Oct 17, 2017

The application of aluminum foil Advertising Tapes in life
Advertising Tapes manufacturers tell us that aluminum foil Advertising Tapes can be said to be an important part of insulation materials, life plays an important role. The following Xiaobian detailed description.
Aluminum foil Advertising Tapes is the main accessories of the refrigerator, freezer, can be widely used in refrigerators, air withered, cars, petrochemical, bridges, hotels, electronics and other industries. Aluminum foil Advertising Tapes is generally made of high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive made, with good viscosity, strong adhesion, anti-aging and other good results, so aluminum foil Advertising Tapes can be used with all aluminum foil composite material paste, can also be used in Insulation nail puncture at the seal, as well as the repair of damaged parts. At night, when eating barbecue, you will find that aluminum foil grilled fish, roasted seafood taste is extremely delicious.
Aluminum foil Advertising Tapes is still a wide range of applications, we hope that we can understand this, and welcome to our company to buy related products.
First of all, high-temperature Advertising Tapes, including Teflon high-temperature Advertising Tapes, high temperature profile paper Advertising Tapes, PET green high temperature Advertising Tapes and high temperature double-sided adhesive and other types, generally they will have non-sticky, low friction, Abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, high insulation and so on. Then, high-temperature Advertising Tapes is mainly used for the electronics industry, commonly used in painting, paint leather processing, painting and electronic parts in the process of fixed and high temperature treatment and so on.
So that there are many types of high-temperature Advertising Tapes, and the corresponding use is also very wide, we use the time or should be selected according to need.
The following Xiaobian give you a detailed description of the specific classification of insulating Advertising Tapes, insulated Advertising Tapes is divided into three categories: commonly used cloth insulation Advertising Tapes, also known as black rubber cloth; plastic insulated Advertising Tapes poly polyethylene or polyethylene Advertising Tapes: Polyester insulation Advertising Tapes polyester adhesive tape.
1, cloth insulation Advertising Tapes for the AC voltage of 380 volts and to Qi wire, cable banding insulation, in the -10 ~ 40 ℃; temperature range, there is a certain degree of adhesion.
2, plastic insulated Advertising Tapes for AC 500 ~ 6000 volts (multi-layer wrapped) wires, cable connectors, etc. for bandage insulation, generally in the range of -15 ~ 60 ℃ use.
3, polyester insulation Advertising Tapes and plastic insulation Advertising Tapes the same, but the high compressive strength, better water resistance, chemical stability, and can also be used for sealing the semiconductor components.
The insulation resistance of the fabric insulation tape is maintained at a voltage of 1000 volts for one minute without breakdown. Plastic insulation Advertising Tapes single-layer pressure strength is in the exchange suppression 00 volts for one minute without breakdown. Polyester insulation Advertising Tapes pressure strength is in the exchange of 2500 voltage for one minute without breakdown.
US profile paper Advertising Tapes to import white US profile paper as the substrate, single-sided coated weather-resistant rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive made of. With high temperature, solvent resistance, and then stripping without residual rubber and other excellent performance. Products for automotive, iron or plastic parts of the furniture surface of the high temperature paint paint shield protection. Next, the manufacturers will tell you about the US profile paper Advertising Tapes operating considerations.
With the economic development and technological progress, China has become the world adhesive industry processing and production plants and consumer power, adhesive industry has become China's chemical industry in the most dynamic and important industries. In the packaging Advertising Tapes industry, should the car, mobile phones, electronics, electrical and other special requirements, all kinds of precision die-cutting Advertising Tapes in the shape of the use of the shape of the material.
Indentation process is the use of crimping knife or crimping die, through the role of pressure in the sheet on the out of the wire marks, or the use of roller wheel in the sheet rolling out the wire marks, so that the sheet can be folded at a predetermined location The Usually die-cutting indentation process is the combination of die-cutting knife and crimping knife in the same template, in the die-cutting machine at the same time die-cutting and indentation process, referred to as die-cutting. The main process of die-cutting is: on the plate → adjust the pressure → determine the distance → paste rubber band → test die-cutting → formal die-cutting → clean → finished product inspection → point packaging.