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The Characteristics Of Advertising Tapes Processing

Oct 26, 2017

The characteristics of Advertising Tapes processing
Because the Advertising Tapes has a special printing characteristics, relative to other types of flexible printing equipment is concerned, Advertising Tapes with strong overall quality, high efficiency, combination is also strong, more competitive strength.
1. The smoothness of the material or the uniformity of the rewinding tension Whether it is a single printing or reel printing, the thickness of the material are determined when the printing is correct feeding, running and registration, received paper. For the reel material, rewinding tension will be on the roll material end of the flatness, whether there is infiltration glue, whether the correct registration play an important role.
2. Advertising Tapes surface gloss and color consistency, uniformity of the density determines the adhesion of the Advertising Tapes material uniformity, but also determines the same batch of labels printed matter color. Surface coating strength determines whether the printing will produce a lot of paper powder, but also determine the printing quality of the important indicators.
3. Adhesive, silicone oil coating uniformity and the correct amount of coating affect the Advertising Tapes with the end of the peel force between the peel force, and the size of the direct impact of die-cutting waste and the speed of the machine, peel force also decided The label of the standard situation, that is, the application situation. In addition, the size of the amount of glue will also affect the end of the material infiltration conditions.
4. The uniformity and strength of the base paper and the thickness of the face material are not only related to the printing performance, but also to determine the uniformity of die cutting and the speed and the edge of the paper when the important indicators of fracture. If these indicators are too low, the label machine can not be produced at high speed.
In the use of new inorganic materials for the adhesive body, non-toxic, tasteless and durable industrial environmental protection tape. Now, most of the synthetic adhesive is the main organic polymer materials, the heat resistance is not high, in the heat and light environment prone to degradation, catalysis and other aging phenomenon, so that the mechanical properties of the joints down a lot. Therefore, the development of non-toxic, tasteless, high-tech performance, high durability of inorganic adhesive material is the development of today's society, with no glue instead of plastic, is the technology innovation, technological progress.
Encourage the vigorously carry out energy conservation and emission reduction of the excellent situation, the development of energy saving, waste, technical performance, excellent durability of new technologies, new products, new technology. Therefore, the use of inorganic materials to replace some of the organic materials in the adhesive, and ultimately to achieve all the inorganic, not only to improve the performance of industrial tape, and more to promote the social production of environmental protection level.
Advertising Tapes application In our daily life, we have been exposed, we use the Advertising Tapes will inevitably appear when the residual, irregular, there are bubbles, not smooth and other adverse conditions, these problems we should be how to avoid it? Xiaobian to provide you with some of the following methods for your reference.
The first step in the use of Advertising Tapes when we want to clean the surface of the sticky product is clean and dry, generally with a cloth to pick 1: 1 IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and water mixture on the surface of the wipe clean, until the surface is completely dry After the bonding.
The second step, until the adhesive above the cleaning solvent drying, and then ad tape attached to the adhesive surface, slightly on the surface of the Advertising Tapes to exert some pressure to drum or other means to exert pressure on the surface of the 3m tape, Effectively adhered to the dry surface.
The third step, the third step will be sticky release paper tear, and then will be affixed to paste the same material, the same pressure, so that Advertising Tapes with a more effective fit. If bubbles are generated in the process and bubbles are needed, the pressure should be increased to the upper limit of the pressure that the item can withstand.
The fourth step, Advertising Tapes when the ideal temperature between 15-38 ℃ for the best, Xiao Bian in this remind not to use less than 10 ℃ in the case of 3 Advertising Tapes, bonding effect can not be satisfied.