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The Color Of The Printed Foam Tapes Is Not The Same

Sep 15, 2017

The color of the printed Foam Tapes is not the same
       Transparent Foam Tapes manufacturers produce Foam Tapes in the printing will have a different color, which is why? Xiaobian today to lead you to see.
       The color of the Foam Tapes is produced by the master of their own hand, not the machine debugging, because it is artificial adjustment, how many are some color and color can also be different according to the requirements of manufacturers special custom. There is the bubble tape storage time if too long, it will cause the color difference. Because the air molecules and storage temperature, space and other pairs of color will have a certain impact. So in the production and storage should also pay attention to the impact of these factors.
       The color of the printed Foam Tapes is affected by many factors, whether in the process of modulation or in the process of storage, so every detail should be noted.
 First of all, we have to understand the characteristics of the real high-temperature Foam Tapes, including its substrate, the composition of the adhesive, and its characteristics to identify. If it is false high-temperature Foam Tapes, then the adhesive and the substrate will choose poor performance, low cost of the material. And then to attract consumers at low prices. So when you choose not to seek cheap. The second is to pass the actual test, different high-temperature Foam Tapes due to different quality, high temperature is different, as long as the different text in the test on it.
       Identify the true and false Foam Tapes need to understand its true characteristics, and then carry out the relevant test, blink of an eye to ensure its quality.
Usually work and life we are more or less often use Foam Tapes, then how to identify the quality of Foam Tapes is good or bad? Usually use Foam Tapes should pay attention to what matters?
According to the manufacturer of Foam Tapes, the general bubble tape is mainly good at the beginning of the viscous and sticking force in two aspects, the initial low viscosity Foam Tapes is usually used as a tie with the bubble tape, sealing the use of Foam Tapes Of the early sticky slightly higher, where the bubble tape manufacturers need to remind you that bundled Foam Tapes can be divided into edible grade foam and non-food grade Foam Tapes, the former used to bundle vegetables, fruits and other edible items through the cleaning of the Human body harmless; the latter contains benzene, formaldehyde and other material residues harmful to humans, prolonged consumption can cause a variety of diseases.
So finally, the bubble tape manufacturers warm reminder, in the purchase of food, we must pay attention to see what kind of Foam Tapes is used, if it is non-food grade Foam Tapes, it is best not to buy.
In daily life, we often use Foam Tapes manufacturers to produce Foam Tapes, can be said to make our daily life indispensable supplies, but you know? We use the Foam Tapes when there is a certain note,
First of all, we need to pay attention to the type of sealed Foam Tapes, specifications, we have to use according to the needs and specific conditions of use, a reasonable choice of Foam Tapes; Moreover, we can not different varieties, different specifications, strength, Of the sealed Foam Tapes connected together, so that both affect the paste effect, but also affect the Foam Tapes product performance; Also, we can not make the sealing bubble tape snake or creep, to keep the roller, Tight force to moderate.
In addition, we also note that cleanliness is the basic conditions for the good operation of sealed Foam Tapes, foreign matter will affect the belt eccentricity, tension differences, and even broken, the use of sealed Foam Tapes found early damage phenomenon is not suitable for continued use, To avoid the emergence of adverse consequences.