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The Durability Of Foam Tapes

Aug 15, 2017

The durability of Foam Tapes
    Foam Tapes manufacturers use the product, not only concerned about its adhesive bond strength, durability is also very much we pay attention to the use of the tape is also very large, and the durability of the product is also affected by various aspects of performance, Let's take a closer look at this information.
    Want to Foam Tapes more durable, it requires it with anti-high temperature, anti-cold, light, waterproof, anti-electrical insulation and weather resistance. These requirements vary according to the tape in various places. Here to discuss the aging of the various types of tape problems. Tape manufacturers can produce adhesive tape aging can be seen as under the influence of external physical conditions, the performance of the tape to reduce a change in the process, the reason why such problems include the chemical impact, physical effects and the reasons for their own materials, the general The surface aging of the tape is faster than internal aging.
    Foam Tapes manufacturers said the physical impact of the above refers to the conditions under the influence of light and heat, the tape surface viscosity decreased, exposed to the air speed will be faster, and humidity and heat is the most lasting impact on the tape problem.
Foam Tapes manufacturers of products sticky to make it more solid packaging, so consumers will choose when the purchase of more sticky tape, but many people also found that the use of such tape, when the devanning, the tape sticky Glue will stick to the box, very troublesome, how can we remove it?
   The application of Foam Tapes can be seen everywhere, giving us great convenience, but at some time to remove the tape leaving the adhesive marks is very time and experience, this time, we can use alcohol to remove the glue method, The use of soft cloth dipped in a small amount of alcohol, stickers will become soft. It can be washed off; or in the viscose marks coated with essential oil, wipe can be; gasoline in addition to glue is also a good way, with a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of gasoline, wipe, for paint soluble in gasoline Product can not be used.
   Foam Tapes manufacturers that is not, you can use the addition of glue, and in addition to the glue is not very expensive, wide range of applications, the effect is also very good, you want to know more information can call the manufacturers contact telephone consultation.
User friends in the use of Foam Tapes manufacturers found that some applications in the edge of the tape will appear from the edge of the phenomenon, the impact of beauty does not say that the packaging effect is also affected, which is what causes it? Let's take a closer look.
    The edge of the Foam Tapes has been raised by three. One may be glue glue is too weak, or the pressure of the labeling machine pressure roller is not enough, resulting in the edge of the US-profile tape occurred Alice. There is also a reason may be improper choice of adhesive, in the choice of adhesive adhesive, to determine the adhesive produced by the adhesive required, is permanent or removable, is a Paste or re-posted.
    Foam Tapes manufacturers that may also be tight film tension control, after the label is easy to appear on the edge of the label degumming, from the phenomenon of Alice, so you want to solve this problem, but also manufacturers of tape raw materials, production technology, technology To carry out the corresponding promotion Caixing.
   Foam Tapes manufacturers of products in the logistics, transportation has a wide range of applications, the use of the results by the majority of users of the favor and recognition, and its use we all know, but the tape is a certain life, and for storage also have a certain The request!
   We all know that the Foam Tapes with high tensile strength, light weight, environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, can prevent the product in the transport process leakage or damage and so on. It is precisely because of such excellent performance to make the Foam Tapes suitable for storage in warehouses, container shipments, as well as to prevent theft of goods, illegal opening and other industries; and Foam Tapes generally have the provisions of the product classification, technical requirements , Test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation, storage.
   Foam Tapes manufacturers that use the tape must use to understand its performance, the correct storage, maintenance and use to play the excellent performance of the product!