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The Film Tapes Storage Needs To Pay Attention To A Few Points

Jul 04, 2017

The Film Tapes storage needs to pay attention to a few points

The Film Tapes manufacturer will introduce some questions about the storage of sticky Film Tapes today. I hope you can read them carefully. Thank you very much.

1. The Film Tapes should be placed in a roll, not folded, and should be turned over once every season for too long.

The type of Film Tapes, the specification should be chosen according to the need and the specific conditions.

3. Cleanliness is the basic condition for the good operation of the Film Tapes. The foreign matter can affect the eccentric, tension and even fracture of the belt.

4. In case of early damage to the Film Tapes in use, the reason should be found in time to repair and avoid the occurrence of adverse consequences.

5. The Film Tapes should be stored in a warehouse to avoid sun exposure and rain. Ban on contact with acid and alkali oil, organic solvent, keep clean and dry, found from device 1 m, room temperature between 15 ℃ and 40 ℃.

There are many kinds of Film Tapes wholesale, they can be applied to different industry needs, so what are their functions? Let's take a look at this:

First of all, the Film Tapes can be used to seal the box to protect various products. Then, it can also provide protection during production. Once again, it is widely used in the construction of metal, plastic, glass, ceramics and other materials, such as fixed and laminated glass, etc. If it is anti-static adhesive Film Tapes, it is used for electrostatic sensitive products or anti-static area as a warning function. And the anti - static warning floor Film Tapes is used for anti - static area, contain Chinese, British warning signs.

We all know that the use of the Film Tapes is a lot of things, and today it will be a wholesale Film Tapes to introduce us to the application of it in conveying equipment:

First of all, the joint of the conveyor belt is best to use hot vulcanization adhesive to improve the reliability and maintain the high effective strength. Secondly, the diameter of the conveyor roller and the minimum belt diameter of the conveyor belt should meet the relevant regulations. Again, be careful not to make the Film Tapes or creep, keep the roller, the vertical roll flexible, the tensioning force should be moderate. In addition, if the conveyor is equipped with baffle and cleaning device, it should avoid wear and tear on the Film Tapes. Also, in the use, if you find that the Film Tapes has early damage, you should look for the cause, repair, and avoid the bad consequences.

According to wholesale professional adhesive Film Tapes, for the same kind of adhesive Film Tapes, if its molecular weight and molecular weight distribution is different, or composition, Film Tapes processing performance and make the film after the mechanical properties, physical and chemical properties will be different. The following is the Film Tapes manufacturer to give us an answer to the Film Tapes's influence.

1. Polyethylene can be used to lubricate the material of this adhesive Film Tapes to improve the slippage of the Film Tapes.

2. When the film is prepared in polyethylene, it is necessary to add stabilizer due to its easy thermal decomposition.

3. The adhesive Film Tapes must have a reasonable combination, and the raw material of the adhesive Film Tapes must have the proper proportion. The performance of the Film Tapes can be changed by adjusting the composition and proportion.