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The New High-density Open Polyurethane Foam Tapes Series Further Enhances The Convenience

Sep 29, 2017

The new high-density open polyurethane Foam Tapes series further enhances the convenience, performance and economy of OEM production. The product has excellent damping performance and absorbs moisture, light, dust and various pollutants.
The Foam Tapes is coated with a durable, highly viscous acrylic adhesive that is well suited for all types of OEM products that require good sealing, vibration and recovery. Double-sided Foam Tapes can also be used to replace the standard fasteners in the assembly work, in addition to the security of the cable clip fixed, fixed on the wall circuit, in the ceiling and wall installation of noise board, installation nameplate, And soap dispenser. The foam-uniform unit structure is suitable for most clean dry materials, including rough surfaces.
The use of off-type materials to do isolation made of tape, the market is more double-sided Foam Tapes. Foam Tapes because of its foam material as the substrate, in addition to the inherent adhesion of the tape, but also because of the performance of the foam material has given its shock and noise reduction, fill the gap test for rough surface, waterproof, compensation for different materials thermal expansion difference Such as performance.
Foam Tapes Uses: Foam Tapes is widely used in electrical and electronic products, machinery parts and components, all kinds of small household appliances, mobile phone accessories, industrial instruments, computers and peripherals, auto parts, audio and video equipment, toys, cosmetics, gifts, medical equipment, Tools, office stationery, shelves display, home decoration, acrylic glass, ceramic products, the industry's insulation, paste, seal, anti-skid and buffer shock packaging.
Now the bubble tape market is very confusing, Foam Tapes because the fierce competition caused a different market price, but the quality of this bubble tape can not be low or high to measure the price, mainly early to see tape quality. Bubble tape prices vary, especially in a treasure, a variety of bubble tape uneven, a few dollars a large bag of everywhere, in fact, consumers can understand a reason, each price behind the product Of the quality and materials, those who are low in addition to the clean-up is the quality of sticky is not what kind of Foam Tapes, not sticky enough is the old and so on a bunch of annoying problems.
So when you choose the bubble tape do not just look at the price, or even lower prices if the product is not practical is a waste. But also to see the bubble behind the company's production strength, want affordable bubble tape, depends on whether the factory direct sales and Foam Tapes production transparency, in general, is the quality of the factory is better manufacturers are daring in the public under the public production The process shows that they are very confident about the quality of their own bubble tape, it is worth buying.
Carpet Foam Tapes as a kind of very good venue arrangement of auxiliary supplies, in the Connaught large product exhibition, carpet Foam Tapes can be fixed carpet does not wrinkle, but not every tape can be done as tape manufacturers tape , Excellent adhesion, can not move the plastic, but also on the floor does not hurt, the carpet sticky prison. Single-sided carpet tape can play up the edge of the role, to prevent the carpet corner of the accident. It is also because of the good quality of carpet Foam Tapes, safety, environmental protection, has now become a show, hotels, supermarkets, and even home with the essential things.
We have done a lot of customers to investigate, they mentioned the most problem is that they used to use the other carpet Foam Tapes, always Diajiao, especially the floor left a lot of residual glue, so today Xiaobian here with everyone popular Some small technology to debris:
Both anhydrous ethanol and industrial alcohol can wipe off the remaining glue. If there is a layer of adhesive tape, then you can use the hair dryer blowing hot air, it is easy to tear off the residual paper.
There are two fixed methods
A: staircase pad on the back of a special carpet special bubble tape, such as the star of the production of carpet Foam Tapes
2: the back of the staircase pad with a layer of short hairpin, the use of Velcro buckle, buckle with the side of the color (and the stairs on the back of the hair can be numerous times the opening and closing), the other side is a special carpet Special tape fixed on the staircase pedal), when the need to disassemble or clean the time, hook and hair directly opened