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The Rapid Development Of Emerging Industries Foam Tapes Market Prospects

Oct 26, 2017

The rapid development of emerging industries Foam Tapes market prospects
At present, Foam Tapes has expanded its application to all areas of the national economy. Especially in the new energy, energy saving and environmental protection and other emerging industries, Foam Tapes market prospects are very optimistic.
Among them, in the field of new energy, in recent years the world are vigorously developing wind power and solar power, China is no exception. To wind power, for example, "Eleventh Five-Year" period of China's new wind power installed capacity of the average annual growth rate of up to 95.5%, the growth rate is much higher than the global average. It is estimated that by 2020, China's total installed capacity of wind power will reach 230 million KW. This gives the fan blades the use of epoxy structure Foam Tapes provides a broad market space.
According to relevant information, in the wind power industry, epoxy resin structural adhesive is mainly used for wind turbine blades on the shell and the shell of the bonding. At present, most of the domestic wind turbine units are 1.5MW models, each unit needs three leaves, each blade epoxy structure glue dosage is about 0.35 tons. If the total installed capacity of wind power in 2020 reached 2.3 billion KW to calculate the demand for epoxy structural adhesives will reach 131,000 tons.
In the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, the demand for adhesives is growing faster. For example, in the automotive field, the development of automotive lightweight to the car structure Foam Tapes provides a broad application space; in the field of building energy efficiency, glass fiber reinforced plastic materials manufacturing and application requires a lot of epoxy matrix resin. In addition, the aerospace, electronics, handicrafts, insulating materials and other fiberglass products manufacturing areas of the demand for adhesives is also relatively large.
In the 2011-2015 China Foam Tapes industry investment analysis and forecast report, Foam Tapes in China is mainly used in building materials, indoor and outdoor decoration, packaging and labeling, wood processing, new energy, electronics Electrical appliances, precision instruments, automobiles, aerospace and other fields. Among them, building materials and interior and exterior decoration area of the largest consumption of Foam Tapes; wind energy and solar energy and other new energy areas of Foam Tapes demand the fastest growing.
Building Foam Tapes is used in every process of the construction industry, and even for every material. Construction glue can also be used for road signs, dam leakage, military engineering emergency maintenance, and plugging and many other aspects. Therefore, the application of construction glue is very extensive.
Building Foam Tapes is used in every process of the construction industry, and even for every material. Its main application areas can be divided into the following aspects:
1, Foam Tapes applied to a variety of construction, including the construction of various types of concrete prefabricated adhesive. Such as the roof system bonding, the column is long, the foundation of the long pile of long, beam joint bonding, seismic frame structure of the partition wall steel bonding, inside and outside the wall insulation material pavement bonding, all kinds of pipe installation bonding, metal Component of the stick and so on.
2, indoor and outdoor decoration, decoration in the application. In recent years, Foam Tapes in such applications in the development of fast, such as the external walls of brick paste, glass curtain wall installation, indoor ceiling bonding, wallpaper wall stickers, floor decoration, floor tiles pavement, bathroom waterproof seal The In the decoration of the building Foam Tapes application is very extensive.
3, a variety of building sealing, including doors and windows, large wall, expansion joints, joints, special buildings. With the modernization of the construction industry, such buildings with Foam Tapes will have greater development.
4, building maintenance, transformation, reinforcement and reinforcement in the application. In recent years, Foam Tapes has developed rapidly in this area, especially in the transformation and reinforcement, the building structure Foam Tapes application has been very wide, to solve many of the traditional process can not solve the problem, and to a higher level.