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The Use Of Tissue Tapes In The Construction Industry

Jul 24, 2017

The use of Tissue Tapes in the construction industry
  Organization of tape in the construction industry to use? Tissue Tapes is now not only in the daily life of the use of small tools, it has been applied to the construction industry to the roof of the building, then the construction industry is how to use the organization of tape The Here let us more with the organization of tape manufacturers to take a look at the wholesale bar.
First of all, according to the metal plate or joint parts of the gap, seam width, in accordance with the engineering design requirements, use the appropriate size specifications. Second, the metal plate joints to wipe clean. Once again, from the end of the metal plate, the double-sided Tissue Tapes is slowly opened along the seam in a straight line, the adhesive tape is attached to the lap of the lower metal plate, and the Tissue Tapes is gently pressed by hand to be bonded to the metal firm. Finally, but also the screws fixed tightening, so that the adhesive tape up and down the bonding surface bonding dense.
In the construction industry has been widely used in the organization of tape, there will be a more open market, where we organize the tape manufacturers here to provide you with a variety of purposes of the organization tape, you are welcome to come to buy.
Tissue Tapes storage has a certain requirement:
1, the organization should be stored in the warehouse tape, to prevent the sun, rain; to stop with the acid and alkali oil organic solvent touch, adhere to clean and dry, from the discovery of equipment 1m outside the room temperature between -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.
2, the organization should be placed in a tape, not folded, storage time should be repeated once a quarter time.
3, loading and unloading conveyor belt with the best crane, and with a rigging rope with a smooth lifting, to prevent damage with the edge, not overbearing loading and unloading, resulting in loose roll sets.
4, the type of organization tape, the standard according to the needs and specific conditions, a reasonable choice.
5, not the same type, not the same as the standard model, strength, the number of layers of Tissue Tapes (with group) together to use.
6, the best choice of conveyor belt heat vulcanized adhesive, to improve reliability, adhere to the high useful strength.
7, conveyor conveyor roller diameter and conveyor belt with the minimum diameter should be in line with the relevant provisions.
8, do not make Tissue Tapes snake or creep, to adhere to the roller, vertical roller flexibility, tension to moderate.
9, the conveyor is equipped with baffle and installed clean equipment, should prevent the wear and tear on the Tissue Tapes.
10, cleanliness is the basic conditions for the organization of the outstanding operation of the tape, foreign matter will affect the tape partial pain, tension difference, and even cracking.
11, the use of Tissue Tapess found in the early damage, it should promptly find factors, repair, to prevent the adverse consequences of the show.
    Tissue Tapes is composed of two parts of the substrate and the binder, through the bonding of two or more non-connected objects connected together. The surface is coated with a layer of adhesive. The earliest adhesives from animals and plants, in the nineteenth century, rubber is the main component of adhesives; and modern is widely used in a variety of polymers. Adhesives can stick things, because of their own molecules and want to connect the material between the molecules to form a bond, this bond can be firmly bonded together molecules. The composition of the adhesive, depending on the brand, different types, have a variety of different polymers.