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Tissue Tapes Tags Why Frequently

Oct 26, 2017

Tissue Tapes tags why frequently
In our lives, we must have experienced Tissue Tapes label suddenly raised the problem. Here we introduce the reasons, and solutions.
1. Labeling machine pressure roller pressure is not enough: should choose the right glue material;
2. glue sticky too weak: should choose the right glue material;
3. Film tension control is poor: the correct film label from the end of the paper after the release from the flat, no curl, after labeling the label can maintain a good followability; film tension too tight label from the end of the paper After the release, Tissue Tapes label anti-Alice, resulting in labeling after the edge of the label prone to degumming, from the phenomenon of Alice;
4. The shape of the bottle body is unreasonable: the reasonable Tissue Tapes design should be flat inside the bottle labeling range (mainly in the flat round bottle design), but if the labeling surface of the surface was partially spherical, in the use of paper Quality labeling labeling when the larger large area, after the label on both sides easy to wrinkle on both sides,
5. Label surface material: the choice of label surface material, it should consider whether the labeling object is a plane or surface, is a large diameter or small diameter, is a single surface or spherical, rigid or compressible deformation, these indicators with the choice of surface material Have a direct relationship. Soft bottles should choose soft materials such as PE, PVC, unpainted PP and PE and PP synthetic materials. Hard bottles can be considered the use of PET, BOPP, PS material;
6. Adhesive improper selection: Select Tissue Tapes adhesive, the first to determine whether the adhesive produced by the Tissue Tapes label is permanent or removable, is a paste or can be re-posted, As well as the commodity on a plastic label adhesive chemical properties of the special requirements.
From a social point of view, Tissue Tapes label paper can be divided into two categories: opaque base paper and translucent end paper. Mainly for web printing, inappropriate sheetfed printing, product labels for active labeling. Therefore Tissue Tapes material requirements of the end of paper flatness is good, uniform thickness, the overall uniformity of light, the greater the better the density, so that the full face die cutting.
1 .. opaque at the end of paper
Commonly used opaque base paper to distinguish the color, divided into yellow and white; to distinguish the structure, divided into pre-coated PE coating and no PE coating two. Coated PE coating has two purposes. One is to seal the surface of the paper to make it smooth and smooth, coated with silicone oil to reduce the amount of coating can reduce costs; another role is to improve the die-cutting properties, because the PE coating has a certain toughness and elasticity, The
2.Tissue Tapes label transparent bottom paper
Translucent end of paper, also known as Gracin at the end of paper, can be divided into yellow and white and blue three, also known as: white Gela Xin and Huang Gela Xin and blue Gela Xin. At present, the label printed with Tissue Tapes data commonly used Glassine Paper (glass end paper). There are two indicators will affect the quality of die-cutting: First, the thickness of uniformity, the second is the fiber layout. The thickness of the paper at the end of the uniformity of the paper is the most important, especially the round pressure round die cutting, the size of the die cutter roller from the thickness of the end of the paper, if the end of the paper thickness is not uniform, Tissue Tapes blade will cut or cut Do not take the paper, to waste waste process to bring trouble.