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Tissue Tapes To Do When The Paste Should Pay Attention To What

Aug 25, 2017

Tissue Tapes to do when the paste should pay attention to what
Tissue Tapes in the production and life there are many applications, such as the paste is one of the main applications. Do not underestimate the organization of tape, work should also consider a lot of factors, the following and we share the organization to do tape stickers should pay attention to what. Tissue Tapes to do when the need to consider the size of the printing pressure, the plate will affect the roughness of double-sided adhesive tape, applied to different occasions, the tape, the general emphasis on different points, then the choice of double-sided adhesive tape should be used Pay attention to what? The
Tissue Tapes In general, there are two options for Tissue Tapes: according to the hardness to choose, according to the viscosity to choose, the following details of the pet high-temperature tape these two options.
   The first kind: according to the hardness to choose, the number of printed lines more fine halftone prints using soft tape, lines, dot coexistence of prints should be based on the pattern of partial selection of neutral partial hard or neutral soft Fiber tape. According to the viscosity to choose: small size of the plate, the printing speed of the choice of high viscosity of the fiber tape, large-size printing plate and the printing speed of the choice of low viscosity tape. Tissue Tapes manufacturers - Jiatai packaging
    Tissue Tapes in order to damage the plate, regardless of viscosity or hardness to choose pet tape, must follow the peel strength of the lower the better the principle. In general, the choice of double-sided tape and printing plate is as follows: 1.14mm plate is usually with 0.5mm thickness of the fiber; 1.7mm plate usually with 0.38mm thickness of the double-sided tape. Tissue Tapes in the post to do when the appropriate choice of double-sided adhesive, but also consider the printing pressure, printing plate and other situations, so we in the production of the root when the actual situation in order to better use its performance.
It is made of PET double-sided coated acrylic acid. The color of the tape is generally transparent and black. The common thickness is 0.03-0.25MM, which has good dimensional stability, thermal stability, chemical stability, initial viscosity and Long-term temperature of 100-120 ℃, short-term temperature of up to 140-200 ℃; organization of the organization, the use of high-temperature, high-temperature, What are the uses of tape?
Organize the specific use of Tissue Tapes
1, the automotive industry: decorative strips, seals, car air conditioning, Mingban, sound, shock insulation;
2, the construction industry: stainless steel door stainless steel fixed, building decorative pieces of bonding;
3, electrical, electronics industry: all kinds of household appliances Mingban, refrigerator evaporator and other electrical parts fixed, membrane switch;
4, can be used for sound insulation, insulation, and daily necessities of the adhesive. Mobile phone die-cutting accessories, mobile phone on the use of LCD adhesive, the main screen double-sided plastic film, the main screen decorative pieces of plastic, shell adhesive, lens adhesive, camera lens adhesive, camera accessories Beijiao, camera foam, camera Dust pad.
What are the advantages of Tissue Tapes:
1, strong sticky, high temperature, tensile strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, high-grade
2, the heat distortion temperature and long-term use temperature is high in thermoplastic general engineering plastics;
3, because the heat resistance, enhanced double-sided tape in the 250 ℃ solder bath immersed for 10s, almost no deformation does not change color, suitable for the preparation of soldering electronics, electrical parts;
4, bending strength of 200MPa, elastic modulus of 4000MPa, creep resistance and fatigue is also very good, high surface hardness, mechanical properties and thermosetting plastic similar;
5, because the production of PET used in the production of PBT than the price of butaned diols used almost half, so PET resin and reinforced PET is the price of engineering plastics is low, with a high price.