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Tissue Tapes What Kind Of Tissue Tape Is Bad Tissue Tape

May 24, 2017

Tissue Tapes What kind of tissue tape is bad tissue tape, tissue tape with formaldehyde do you know? At present, China's market there are still a lot of poor quality Ningxia tissue tape, the authority of the organization to detect, poor quality tissue formaldehyde exceeded 10 times, can be described as full of toxic tissue tape, then we are the right to choose the right quality of environmental protection organizations Tape?

  Tissue Tapes In the choice of tissue tape, the first look at the appearance of tissue tape, poor tissue layer of the sparse layer, occasionally the phenomenon of middle layer Kaifeng, is the organization of adhesive tape is not enough reason. Smell the smell, if the tissue tape in the hands of the time to check the smell of a pungent smell when it shows that the content of tissue tape has been seriously exceeded, and this situation can not choose to buy, and finally You can untie the organization of tape to see the ductility of the organization, if the ductility of the organization is also poor, indicating that the organization is also a poor quality of the organization of the tape, also need to carefully purchase.

  We choose to buy tissue tape, we must choose to organize the tape without irritating smell, the organization of the tape surface smooth and transparent, ductility and viscosity of the better tissue tape, must not save money, and the purchase of toxic tissue tape!

  Poor quality supermarkets tied to the tissue of the tissue tape containing formaldehyde do you know how much?

  Tissue Tapes According to the inspection of health experts to prove that the use of tissue tape tied to a kilogram of vegetables containing formaldehyde content of 30 mg. If washed with water after 10 mg. And did not use the tissue tape tied to the vegetables is 3 mg, much smaller than with the tissue tape tied vegetables content. So with tissue tape tied with vegetables containing formaldehyde is seriously exceeded.

  Tissue Tapes Supermarkets are now used in the organization of the tape is an ordinary organization of tape, which is the industrial organization of tape, we have no food tissue tissue, so the organization with formaldehyde is also normal. But if we use this kind of vegetables for a long time, formaldehyde will accumulate in the body, will cause great harm to the body, so buy vegetables as much as possible not to buy tissue tape tied vegetables, even if you have to buy a good cleaning The