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Transparent Film Tapes Smell Is Toxic

Sep 15, 2017

Transparent Film Tapes smell is toxic
Transparent Film Tapes manufacturers reported that transparent Film Tapes is often used to carry out some packaging work, some Film Tapes will emit an irritating glue taste, then this taste toxic?
Transparent Film Tapes is made of adhesive and film, the number of glue or glue additives will have the taste, it has a very small poison, but generally do not have an impact on the user, a lot of Film Tapes manufacturers in the production can not have a mask , And some people use the Film Tapes when the teeth between the biting, never heard of such poisoning.
This shows that high-quality transparent Film Tapes issued a little smell almost can be ignored, the human body is not hurt; generally we want to see what is the Film Tapes, Film Tapes packaging, there is no ROHS logo, but now the basic are environmentally friendly, Only transparent Film Tapes manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of the use of poor quality of the glue produced on the big, if it is a special sealing Film Tapes, normally is not toxic.
Transparent Film Tapes manufacturers remind us that the Film Tapes can not only be used in the industry, in life also has a lot of magical, we take a look.
       In the decoration of the baby's house, you can cut a hexagonal, and then on the wall with adhesive Film Tapes near the edge of the bond, so that you can make a hexagon on the wall, and the whole house are used to do so. And then a variety of colors of environmental protection glue applied to the Film Tapes inside, made of a variety of colors, have a good decorative effect. Place the photo on the wall and then combine the Film Tapes into your favorite photo frame. The color Film Tapes will be trimmed into a variety of shapes of the pattern, the wire can be adjusted on the Film Tapes.
       In addition to the Film Tapes can be used for decoration, but also has a decorative effect, so it is still in the life of a lot of magical, and this is what we need to understand.
The range of applications is very wide, but there are some trademarks is difficult to remove, we have to look at today to remove the trademark of what methods
       Newly bought back to the appliance on the total paste some labels, tear off the label, often leaving traces, it is difficult to remove, if you use a damp cloth or knife scraping will often leave traces, but also the goods have some damage. We can use grease-free nail polish on the surface of the object, and then gently wipe with a soft cloth. There is also a side, that is, with industrial alcohol or gasoline can also remove these traces. If you get the skin, you can use lemon juice to clear.
       Film Tapes trademark removal method is actually very simple, the key is how we use it, you want to be more complete removal of the need to master these methods.
 Transparent Film Tapes manufacturers produce Film Tapes is usually the most widely used, on its production methods we take a look.
       Film Tapes is in the BOPP original film on the basis of high-pressure corona, so that a rough surface coated with glue, through the sub-divided into small rolls, is our daily use of the Film Tapes. Film Tapes glue is acrylic glue. Glue tincture content directly affects the use of Film Tapes. For the color of the Film Tapes is to facilitate the mark and shelter purposes, generally beige and khaki more. The color of the colored Film Tapes is the color of the glue.
       Film Tapes production method is described above, we can according to these methods to identify the quality of account, to prevent being deceived.
  Film Tapes manufacturer's police Film Tapes has a warning effect, but its maintenance and storage work also need to do, because it relates to the quality of the Film Tapes.
       Film Tapes placed in a roll should be placed, do not fold, if the storage time is long, to often flip. Loading and unloading conveyor belt is best to use the crane, to avoid damage with the edge, not arrogant loading and unloading. Storage is to distinguish the type of Film Tapes, specifications, easy to use and take. Different Film Tapess can not be mixed together. Conveyor belt joints are preferably hot vulcanized, which improves reliability and maintains a high effective strength. The , Thus ensuring its quality.
       The above is the storage and maintenance of police Film Tapes method, to maintain good storage and maintenance habits can make the Film Tapes longer life.