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Two Look, A Smell, A Touch Easily Selected High-quality Foam Tapes

Aug 04, 2017

Two look, a smell, a touch easily selected high-quality Foam Tapes
There are a lot of small objects of small invention, for our lives has brought great convenience, such as Foam Tapes, the current large quantities of applications to many areas of the important areas of industry, however, the saying goes, There are some "unscrupulous businessmen to see the hot bubble to sell the tape to produce some high imitation of the bubble tape to sell, the name of the bubble tape manufacturers to deceive consumers to seek profits, then buy a good product Difficult to do, two look, a smell, a touch can easily do, to look at it specifically.
First, look at the color, the general transparent Foam Tapes appearance of the more white color, bubble tape less impurities in order to ensure the normal adhesive, 100 meters below the bubble tape has a certain degree of transparency can see the paper tube. Yellow bubble tape to see the surface of the bubble tape with irregular distribution of white spots, wiped out by hand for the imprinting of impurities or glue, this product is generally with a smell. Many consumers at the time of purchase because they did not see clearly, they were deceived.
    Second, look at the brightness of the film, the general poor quality Foam Tapes are dark, this bubble tape fracture probability is very high, the intensity is poor.
    Third, the smell smell, if the taste is very strong, there is a sour taste, this Foam Tapes retention is very poor, especially in low temperature environment, even sticky carton will crack, very strong taste when the beginning of the stick Force is still very sticky, but soon the glue will be dry, loss of glue, Foam Tapes surface will have some cracks, this is because the uneven adhesive relationship.
    Fourth, the thickness of the feel film, feel the film foam Foam Tapes are generally more times, and because the film thickness, the actual number of meters will be reduced, good Foam Tapes used in the film are relatively soft, hand stretch long.
 Then we learn it, is not very easy to facilitate it, we buy time not only to see clearly, but also take advantage of our various senses to do a good judgment.
 Bubble tape manufacturers have high temperature Foam Tapes, double-sided Foam Tapes, insulating Foam Tapes, special Foam Tapes, pressure-sensitive Foam Tapes, die-cut Foam Tapes and many other types, different effects for different industry needs.
    Through the bonding of the Foam Tapes, it is possible to make two or several items that are not originally connected, cleverly connected at a fast, with a layer of adhesive on the surface of the Foam Tapes, the earliest adhesive coming from the animal and the plant itself , Rubber is the most important component of adhesive. The widely used adhesives in modern times are various polymers. The adhesive can bind to something that is a bond between the molecules of the molecule and the molecule of the object you want to connect, which binds the molecule tightly together. And the composition of the adhesive is based on different brands, different types and use of a variety of different polymers.
    In the process of using Foam Tapes, pay attention to the colloid can not be subject to the kind of contact, Foam Tapes is more fragile, as far as possible without damage.
  Bubble tape in the transport process is a lot of attention, let us explain the bubble tape in the transport process of the note.
         1. Foam Tapes is classified, depending on the use of the situation, the composition of the bubble tape is different. So the bubble tape in the transport when the need to be classified, the same specifications of the products together to avoid the bubble tape mixed, so easy to extract.
         2. Foam Tapes during storage and transportation to be good protection measures, can not be close to corrosion chemicals, but also should not be able to withstand the wind and sun. Bubble tape through the sun and the sun will affect the use of Foam Tapes effect and viscosity, there may be damaged Foam Tapes, which can not be used to manufacturers and sales losses.
         3. Bubble tape in the placement of the time to be placed in volume, while remember that every quarter at least once, Foam Tapes can not be folded and placed.
         4. The place where the Foam Tapes is placed is kept ventilated and clean, so that the Foam Tapes can not be brought into contact with the organic solvent of the acid and alkali oil.
         More bubble tape precautions and the use of things we can inquire about us, we wholeheartedly welcome your advice, look forward to working with you for your cooperation.