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Use Advertising Tapes To Pay Attention To Matters

Sep 06, 2017

Use Advertising Tapes to pay attention to matters
    There are many different types of tape, they also have different uses, then the use of Advertising Tapes in the process, to pay attention to what?
    First of all to look at the side of the Advertising Tapes there is a knife, the general product is no injury knife. In the use of Advertising Tapes, you need to check whether the Advertising Tapes is not covered with debris on the side, if any, need to be removed, and then stick to the surface of the object, otherwise it will affect the sticky. If the Advertising Tapes on both sides are very dry, non-adhesive, indicating that the tape has been a quality problem.
    Only the correct use of Advertising Tapes, we can achieve the desired effect, so for these areas still need to pay more attention.
If we want to get a good use of the effect, we must ensure that the quality of Advertising Tapes is no problem, the following tape manufacturers to come to us to tell us about the quality of the method:
    You can observe the side of the Advertising Tapes there is the phenomenon of injury knife, if it is a qualified product, there is no such phenomenon. Also check the Advertising Tapes without leaving the paper on the side, whether it is covered with debris, if any, it needs to be removed, and then stick to the surface of the object, otherwise it will affect the sticky. Another point, if the Advertising Tapes on both sides are very dry, non-adhesive, it shows that its quality problems.
    If in these areas, the quality of Advertising Tapes is to meet the requirements, then we can rest assured that the choice to use, to achieve the perfect results.
 Ad tape is easy to use, but also in the clear when a lot of people headaches, so the next tape manufacturers will tell us about its removal method.
    First of all should be clear where the glue, if more solid, hard, you can directly use the knife down scraping, or very effective. If you can not use a knife, then you can use some of the first soaked in alcohol, and then wipe it. In addition to these two methods, the use of brush bowl or brush pot of steel ball, is also a good choice, will not scratch the object, but also relatively cheap.
    If the Advertising Tapes after the next, we must promptly remove its glue marks, because the longer the shelved time, it will become more difficult to clean up.
General tape manufacturers are based on paper, cloth, plastic film as a substrate, and made into the Advertising Tapes, we need from the following aspects to identify the quality of Advertising Tapes:
    First check the Advertising Tapes on whether there is crack, the occurrence of cracks may be continuous, it may be random, may appear in the drum Advertising Tapes side, may also have both sides, so in the Advertising Tapes before machining, must Look carefully at whether there is a small crack on the base paper and tissue paper. And then to check whether the Advertising Tapes has burrs, which is to ensure the quality of Advertising Tapes basis. But also check the edge of Advertising Tapes adhesion, whether the end of the paper leakage of silicon, in the processing process will cause waste when the paper broke, it can not be normal production.
    In addition, but also to check the drum Advertising Tapes cutting end face is straight, rewinding elasticity is consistent, if the drum Advertising Tapes cut off the end of the face, not only will affect the processing of the registration, but also due to die cutting position Change and the occurrence of waste discharge difficulties.
To determine whether its sticky is good, we can use tape to quickly pull the items to see holding force, repeated paste several times and then touch, until the sticky significantly decreased, good quality Advertising Tapes sticky than the quality of Advertising Tapes Wear, sticky more durable. Second, to determine whether the smooth surface of the Advertising Tapes without wrinkles, under normal circumstances, the general production of Advertising Tapes can only see the bubble phenomenon, put a week later, the basic bubble will be dispersed, on the contrary, mixed with impurities Advertising Tapes is a lot of irregular distribution of the white point, hand is the pressure of the scattered.