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What Are The Functions Of Foam Tapes

Jul 13, 2017

What are the functions of Foam Tapes

New high-density polyurethane Foam Tapes series products of open mode, further improve the convenience of OEM production, performance and fuel economy, the product has excellent damping performance, also can absorb moisture, light, dust and all kinds of pollutants.

It is suitable for the production of all kinds of OEM products with good seal, vibration reduction and recovery function. Double-sided Foam Tapes can also be used to replace the assembly operation of standard fasteners, moreover can also be used for the safety of the cable clamp fixed, fixed circuit on the wall, installed on the ceiling and metope sound insulation plate, nameplate, internal signs and soap liquid distribution device. A foam uniform unit structure is suitable for most clean dry materials, including rough surfaces.

1. The temperature of foam belt also has a certain effect on the Foam Tapes, which is related to high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and anti-shear after temperature rise in the short term or in the long term.

2. The influence of Foam Tapes on other external factors is: color, transparency, smell, thickness, filling degree, fog, insulation and so on.

3, processing related are: Foam Tapes die cutting performance, hand tear, tear is by mechanical processing, flexibility, mobility, dissociation properties, heavy qualitative can, residual adhesive left, repeated use and so on.

4. Influence of environment: solvent, moisture, moisture, plasticizer, sunshine or ultraviolet, aging will affect the adhesive of foam adhesive tape.

5, Foam Tapes, external force that the peel strength, professional term refers to the polar and non-polar materials and rough surface material, the influence of initial moisture, the initial and final stripping strength, the top of the shear force, shear force, tensile strength, shock resistance, etc.

The base material of bubble tape is high foaming, the ratio and quality are similar. The difference is mainly in the applied pressure sensitive glue, subacrylic oil glue and hot melt glue.

Because of the high cost of Foam Tapes, the market has done little, and only zhongshan yongda adhesive has made the rubber Foam Tapes. The glue is more stable, it is affected by the winter and summer climate, it is aging, but it is costly.

The sponge Foam Tapes of hot melt glue is low in the money threshold, 50 to 1 million can start, so the production factory is more, the quality is uneven.

The first kind of double-sided adhesive tape factory is not hard technical force, from the market to buy a formula to rush to the production. For rubber, resin and other raw materials lack sufficient detection means, the raw material has a slight change in the quality problem. Even some foam rubber factory to reduce the cost, intentionally use the subsidiary material production, the quality is very unstable. Problem as soon as I get to the weather changes or aging 2 months or so, completely lose viscosity, cause great economic loss to the customer, the Foam Tapes just to see what's the problem, don't wait for a few months after the problem has been irrevocably!

The second category of bubble double-sided adhesive factory, has the certain technical force, but facing the huge market competition, the degradation of customer requirements, to reduce cost, use only pack material production, may not have a big problem, may be a lot of small problems, because of the characteristics of the foam double-sided glue circulation more, summer goods arrived in the winter is not sticky; Winter goods are not sticky enough in summer; The problem of aging and killing, which caused a great deal of trouble to our wholesalers and customers, has lost many customers. The bigger the problem is, the more obvious the problem is. This kind of Foam Tapes is only suitable for stationery or other market with low demand and fast consumption. For advertising, the decorative materials such as aluminum plastic plates are not suitable.

The third kind of sponge rubber factory, has both hard technical strength and strong quality consciousness. The formula is advanced, winter and summer general, the raw materials are completely used by sinopec and other legitimate materials, the shelf life long, 20 months to return the package change! It solves the problem of long and long storage cycle. Welcome to the national aluminum plastic sheet and other materials wholesalers. But the price of this kind of foam can be slightly higher!