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What Is The Double-sided Tape

Nov 11, 2016

Double-sided tape is paper, cloth, plastic film as base material, elastomer pressure-sensitive adhesive or resin-pressure-sensitive adhesive coating on the base rolls of adhesive tape made of metal, is made up of paper substrates, adhesives, isolation (film) is composed of three parts. According to the gel can be divided into solvent-based adhesive tape (oil double-sided adhesive), emulsion type adhesive tape (waterborne two-sided adhesive), hot-melt adhesive tape, rolled adhesive tape, reaction-type adhesive tape. Widely used in leather, name plates, stationery, electronics, car accessories fixing, footwear industry, paper-making, handicrafts and paste position and so on. Hot melt double sided adhesive stickers, stationery, Office and so on. Oily double sided tape is mainly used in leather goods, Pearl cotton, sponge, shoe products with high viscosity. Embroidery tape is mainly used in embroidery.