Automotive Double Sided Acrylic Foam Sticky Emblem Tapes

Product Details

Emblem Tapes
As an experienced supplier of adhesive tapes for signage industry,  we deeply understand about not only signage material and technics but also selection of right adhesive tapes for different applications and conditions.
The results from practical application proved that the following products are effective, efficient and reliable for fixing, bonding or mounting of emblems to various materials.
The products listed below with our standard specification can be varied from different adhesive, carrier, liner or total thickness. Customized services available upon request.

Product  NameAdhesiveCarrierLinerTotal  thicknessRemarks
4B11  double  sided  acrylic  foam  adhesive  tapeacrylicwhite  acrylic  foam  (800kg/cbm)red  PE  film(  120um)1.2water  resistance
4A60  double  sided  acrylic  foam  adhesive  tapeacrylictransparent  acrylic  foam  (960kg/cbm)red  PE  film(  120um)1water  resistance
4B20T  double  sided  acrylic  foam  adhesive  tapeacrylicgrey  acrylic  foam  (800kg/cbm)red  PE  film(  120um)0.8water  resistance
4A60T1  double  sided  acrylic  foam  adhesive  tapeacrylictransparent  acrylic  foam  (960kg/cbm)red  PE  film(  120um)0.5water  resistance
4612  double  sided  PE  foam  adhesive  tapesolvent  acrylicwhite  PE  foam  (100kg/cbm)light  blue  paper(120g/㎡)1.5thick  &  super  grade
4610G  double  sided  PE  foam  adhesive  tapesolvent  acrylicwhite  PE  foam  (100kg/cbm)brown  glassine  paper  (80g/㎡)1super  holding  power
4610T  double  sided  PE  foam  adhesive  tapesolvent  acrylicwhite  PE  foam  (100kg/cbm)brown  glassine  paper  (80g/㎡)0.8super  grade
4710T1  double  sided  PE  foam  adhesive  tapesolvent  acrylicwhite  PE  foam  (125kg/cbm)white  paper  (110g/㎡)0.5super  grade