Double Faced Marking Tapes

Double Faced Marking Tapes
Product Details

Marking Tapes
Marking Tapes, also known as Identification Tape or Color-Coding Tape, are used for a variety of purposes: identification, information, instructions, security, hazards, warnings, etc.
The results from practical application proved that the following single sided PE film adhesive tapes are effective, efficient and reliable for bonding to various materials.
The products listed below with our standard specification can be varied from different adhesive, carrier, liner or total thickness. Customized services available upon request.

Product NameAdhesiveCarrierTotal thicknessRemarks
S8403B Single Sided Grooved PE film Adhesive TapeSolvent acrylicgrooved PE (80µm)100no residues, hand tearable

1) Features
● Environment friendly
● High tack masking film
● Can be torn by hand
● Clean removal, free of residues.
● Abrasion resistant
● Temporary surface protection for general industrial applications such as working with plastics and metals
● Used for decorative markings
● General sealing of containers and irregular shaped objects
● Electroplating and P.C board masking
● Decorative, safety marking
● Paint masking
CARRIER PE film(80um), can be torn by hand
ADHESIVE Solvent acrylic (no residues)
4)Technical data

Test Items



Test Standard




YG J001 modified PSTC 33

Rolling Ball Tack



YG J002 modified PSTC 6

Peel Strength



YG J003 modified PSTC 1

Holding Power



YG J004 modified PSTC 7

Temperature Resistance


YG J008-2

Test Conditions:23±2℃
The above data is presented in good faith based on samples tested and corresponded the average values, which can not be considered as binding by contract or by specifications. Since many different factors may influence the product's performance ,we recommend to test the product prior to any application. Our technicians are ready to provide the further information and recommendation.
The data may be varied for further optimization of our products, the updated information can be forwarded upon request.